Aug 20, 2009

Dairy Woes

So, I think a long with the sugar I need to cut back on dairy myself. Tristan has been congested now for about 4 weeks....only at night time. It's a very dry type of congestion and he just sounds weird when he breaths through his nose. Along with that the poor little dude has terrible gas - I think it's possibly because of dairy in my diet? Anyways, we'll cut back on that too and see what goes down. He's so super cute and such a good little baby though...he just has a hard time sleeping at night because of his little tummy.
Later I'll upload some pictures of our last few days with my grandparents. Grandpa had a check up so he and my grandmother and my great grandmother all drove the 8 hours from Florida to spend some time with us and take a visit to the doctor. It was so nice seeing them and the kids LOVED having people in our house and playing with their great grandparents. Now we're just getting things back on track....Brady seems to be exhausted today and has had one screaming fit which just resulted in him falling asleep so it didn't last long. :) Trini needs to get back on track as far as potty training goes...and I'm getting back on track with my aerobics. :)
Oh, if any of you think of it go to because there are a couple of links you can click on to get coupons for carmex lip balm...super nice to have for the winter or to stick in someone's stocking at Christmas. It's a dollar off and they are normally only around a dollar at Wal Mart and Target so it's free. I got one yesterday at Target for 4 cents after the coupon...yah for me!

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The Toplovs said...

Ezra had the WORSE gas ever, which was also an issue with his restless sleeping habits, but then it slowly became less and less of a problem. I never clued in to it being dairy, but I did try to cut back on citrus and chocolate.

Nice that you got to see your famliy, though it's great to get back into the swing of things. You're one brave mom taking on potty training while nursing a newborn!

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