Aug 12, 2009

Today I...

* noticed how long my kid's legs are getting - no wonder they've been eating so much.
* read a chapter in 2 Corinthians...finally a free moment
* baked a batch of granola and tasted the flavors of cinnamon and honey

* held a laughing child
* held a screaming child
* held a quiet child

* thought about what these kids would like as teens...all lounged out on the sofa.
* cleaned up 2 puddles of pee
* washed diapers and then folded them ... loving the different colors of Bum Genius. :)
* said good bye to the stray dog that became ours for 2 days.

* nursed a baby about 7 times
* sang children songs all day long
* played hide and seek and scared the living daylights out of my kids. Too much fun...they giggled the whole time. :)

Tonight I'm going to.....
*drink decaf
* watch a cheesy movie on Lifetime
* enjoy my littlest

1 comment:

MOM said...

Who needs the gym with 3 lovely little ones like yours? It sounds like you had a full day.

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