Sep 30, 2009

Fall weather is upon us...I mean REAL fall weather. The kind where you wake up and feel just chilly enough to wear a sweater and sip a steaming cup of coffee all day....not good for me to I try to limit the coffee.

Life has been interesting this week. Brady has been on a gluten free diet for a week and it has been a dramatic change in our everyday *rituals.* This isn't just a gluten free's basically a "I can't eat anything man made plus all grains" diet. It has been AWFUL. Awful for me...that is. When the rest of the clan is eating homemade wheat pancakes...Brady is eating banana pancakes (just and egg and mashed banana poured into a skillet...tasty -not.) I've been grinding almonds and making it into flour so his muffins are kind of okay, actually they're down right delicious.

- - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- a week has passed on the gluten free diet...I wrote all of that other stuff on Friday of last on Monday he is officially enjoying bread and all of his mother's homemade goodness. I'm still limiting sugar, NO high fructose corn syrup, no milk and no white flour and foods with added color...but the no wheat is not practical for our family and he has not intestinal problems as it is so I don't see that gluten would really affect his behavior.

Today has been great. Days are always great when I don't allow other things to sidetrack me from being with the kids. They were involoved all day long with something...whether it was painting an old T shirt or making banana bread...watching Action Bible Songs and singing with mommy...playing outside in the lovely weather, or playing chase inside...the day has been good. I think I should get a big tattoo on my arm that says "Be Involved" and then maybe...just maybe I would remember everyday to be wrapped up in them and not in me and what I need to get done. Funny thing is...I got MORE done then I normally do just by being organized.


Cindy said...

your kids have the sweetest little faces....just waiting for kisses!!!!

The Toplovs said...

Wow! I can't imagine how hard that would be to cook separately for one family member. I'm glad to hear things are back to somewhat normal. Has taking Brayden off of dairy and sugar made a big difference?

Jaida doesn't really eat much sugar on a daily basis. It's usually little treats here and there, so I am hesitant to think her outbursts are related to such.

Fall has crept up on us and I'm doing the same, sipping tea through the day. It's nice to hear you're enjoying being involved with the kids.

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