Sep 17, 2009

Goings On

Well, we got from a Knoxville on Sunday night and I've been just to "out of it" until now to post. :) The trip went well, just a few rough parts. Brady and I got to attend 4 soccer games and he did amazingly well sitting through the games. The morning ones are always my favorite...waking up early and trudging through dew soaked grass. Usually I get some kind of coffee with a delicious creamer...ahhhh....nothing better then coffee in the morning...ecspecially if I didn't have to make it. Brady enjoyed swimming at the hotel with Zac, I just sat on the sidelines holding Tristan.

Trist is getting so alert and smiling all the time. He smiles's like a male version of Trinity except he looks like Brady. :) So far I've been co sleeping with him and I really do love it. The bonding is so special and I enjoy the extra cuddle time.

Today I actually made my schedule for the next week...tasks to accomplish on certain days and I started a grocery list for next week. I just haven't been in the swing of things and I'm ready for life to start running a little more "normally." I'm a person that thrives on structure and routine - I loving going to bed at the end of a day and seeing a bunch of tasks scratched off my "to do" list. I've been in the kitchen a bit more these days too. Yesterday I made some cranberry oatmeal muffins for breakfast that were super tasty. Very healthy so if you're looking for a dessert for breakfast...these wouldn't be a good choice.
I've started making Christmas gifts and I've started planning the kids birthdays as far as what type of cake and what their gift will be. I'm looking for some tin vintage dishes for Trin on e bay...I think they're so charming and she would play with them constantly. I'm not into plastic toys...they just don't last and they are full of toxins. I try to avoid them whenever I can. Brady has his heart set on a train set...everyday he tells me "Brady will have a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and I will open up a train." Oh's going to all his friends birthday parties that have started this. He's NEVER had a wishlist but I guess he just getting to that age and he's very aware now that on birthdays you get presents...he's watched 3 people now have big parties and receive lots of gifts. I keep trying to talk to him about how it's very nice to have gifts and to give gifts but we don't need a lot....He just looks at me blankly.
I think we have successfully gotten all of the paperwork together to POSSIBLY be able to put our house on the market sometime in the near future. Just one more "pit stop" and we'll be busy cleaning and decluttering and trying to make our home *appear* larger. :)

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The Toplovs said...

Nice that you had a little trip away with some tasty coffee. :)

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