Sep 11, 2009

Life Changing Every Which Way

Food...glorious my mind has to change regarding you. Ahhhh. My mind HAD changed years back and then slowly refined sugars started creeping into my daily diet (babies + no sleep + financial stress = comfort foods. ) With wanting to be more mindful of Brady's diet ALL of our diets have change....and I'm happy to report - for the better! I miss the textures of some baked goods that whole wheat just isn't the same, but I also LIKE the food if I don't compare. For instance, if you are comparing the taste of zucchini bread made with white flour and brown sugar with zucchini bread baked with whole wheat flour and will be sad. Very sad. BUT....if you eat the whole wheat kind with an open mind with no'll be in for a tasty treat. :)
Tomorrow we are headed for Knoxville for all of Saturday. Zac will be coaching a soccer tournament and so we are all going, minus Trinity. I will miss her little self but I think it will be better on everyone if she just stays home with our good friend Joy and her husband Eddie. They are the sweetest people you will ever meet and I trust them whole heartily to take care of our girl...I'm just always nervous when leaving one of my littles behind. Brady was going to stay with a friend as well but we found out this morning that she is very sick. God orchestrates everything for good. I was feeling terrible about leaving Brady and almost changed my mind several times about leaving him but others kept telling me that I didn't need to leave him and I *deserved* a night away with Zac.

Although it would have been nice just for Zac and I to have time alone and to bond with Trist, I still felt very uncomfortable inside. So...this morning when I read the e mail telling me about Stacey's sickness I took it as a direct sign from God. It will be fun being able to bond with Brady too. Since Trin was born I've hardly spent any alone time with him...except the occasional game or book reading time. Brady still is not doing better. We are having to tend to emotional breakdowns on a daily basis and he still isn't sleeping well. Another week has gone by without me making him a doctor's appointment. To be honest...I'm a little scared. I just don't want doctor's to fill my head with a lot of "he has this and that and you treat it like this....and maybe give him this pill...." At the same time, I do want to know how to help him AND us! So, next Monday I will get on the phone and call around. Pray about our insurance situation...I don't know what it will cover. :)

Other news to tell of...we were blessed to find a truck for hauling away our trash, working on projects around town...and just giving Zac the "man I'm cool in my truck" feeling. :) The kids love it so's like a whole new play area. Our little car sold in one day and with that money we were able to buy our truck and tuck away the rest of the $ for repair purposes. :) We're learning this is always a good thing to do with buying used vehicles.

Tristan is smiling now every time I talk to him...cooing away. I love the sound of babies trying to communicate, so precious. I realized yesterday that we haven't videoed him very much and I almost cried thinking about the last 9 weeks NOT on tape. Hopefully when he is 16 he won't feel the hurt as deeply as I do (Zac assured me he won't. :))

And back to the diet thing...I took a picture the other night of my late night "snack" just because it made me laugh. Gone are the days of big bowls of ice with the plain yogurt and snow peas...and a warm cup of green tea. :)

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MOM said...

You crack me up when you get on the subject of food :)
The Tarahumara diet is doing me good. You'd be proud of my weight loss...and I am still going to lose some more.
I love you.

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