Oct 26, 2009


Another chilly day....full of good things. Chicken soup simmering on the stove, a loaf of wheat bread rising. My littles have all been out of sorts today but we've still had many *quiet* times....sitting and reading, enjoying pumpkin bread together around the table....doing laundry, making beds..... I found an awesome pumpkin muffin recipe that makes 2 dozen at a time...perfect for freezing and taking out on those mornings I'm not really with it. I like having nice breakfasts but mornings are just so EARLY around here....usually my day starts around 6:30 am and goes until around 7 pm. So, any little help (like pulling a homecooked meal out of a freezer) is welcome around here. Today I've been busy *crafting*....more Christmas goodness and a little pair of pants for the baby. My friend gave me a very soft red sweater of hers that she no longer could use...I tried it on and it was WAY to tight....so it's now become a soft pair of pants for Tristan. I'm still working on the hat to match so maybe tomorrow I'll have a picture ready for everyone. :)

Here's those delicious muffins I was telling you about...they have applesauce in them and I added raisins just because the littles love them so. I can get my kids to eat anything as long as there are raisins present. Brady woke up from his nap with a slight fever so I've given him a ginger bath and now he's sipping some home brewed elder flower tea with peppermint. I read about the tea as a home remedy for fevers so hopefully it will give his little body some relief here soon. He's so precious today....he asked me to tell him a secret today so I whispered in his ear "I love Zac Corley." He smiled and whispered back "I love chocolate."

Trin is busy busy. I have no other way of describing her. She is always moving...always dancing....always singing - a squirrel forever. Last night after she had gone to bed Zac went into our room to grab something. He found her in the middle of our bed rummaging through his fire department duffel bag with his toothpaste in her hand. Good thing he got there before she took off the lid.

Tristan is my cuddle bunches...my buddy for now. After the kids are in bed he keeps me company....smiling and cooing....playing with his hands. Babies playing with their hands is just the sweetest thing. Hopefully some pictures tomorrow of the completed pants and matching hat - if time allows. I would like to have it done before tomorrow morning though since I'll have a Bible study and then the next day we are celebrating Trin's birthday. Zac works the 29th so we are going to have her little party a day early.

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The Toplovs said...

I really like the frames you have next to your china cabinet (if that is what it is called). The pictures inside the frames are a great idea. Zhenya jokes that our family has been demoted to the bathroom, since I don't have family portraits around except for a small picture of our wedding day in our bathroom. :)

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