Oct 10, 2009

New Developments...

How about these for some new *happenings* around here:
- we are legally able to put our house on the market after 2 years of waiting.
- Zac got a letter from the Denver Fire Department saying they are accepting applications in November
- Trinity is in a big girl bed and loving it
- I got to go to a chiropractor for the first time in my life...it was amazing!
- Tristan almost rolled over from his back to his belly!

All of these to be expounded on further. I'm not good at blogging unless I have peace and quiet...those 2 things are kind of hard to find at times...MOST of the time. However, I do promise to give a nice long update soon with a cute video of Trin. :)

1 comment:

kate fried said...

wow! about the house and WOW!! about the denver fire dept and WOWZERS!!! about the big girl bed and HOLY ADORABLE BATMAN!!!!! triny's hair is so cute all curled out!!!
can't wait for more updates :-)

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