Oct 29, 2009

Trinity Sky....A Heavenly Name Bearer

We celebrated Trin's birthday yesterday since Zac was on shift today. The day was so fun...so many good memories for our future. Funny how yesterday I just kept looking at Trin over and over, remembering how she was just last year - these kids are just growing up so fast. My little baby is no longer a baby....this makes me a little sad. I'm excited about becoming her very dear friend in her future....having a mother/daughter bond - being able to love and trust one another unconditionally.
Trini was just so cute about her cake...she kept dipping her hands in the icing before I could get her candles lit. She loved the butterfly on top of her cake. I changed her cake to a simple strawberry flavor and then I made a homemade cream cheese icing that was absolutely...delicious (if I do say so myself.)

Mama and daddy gave her a set of little vintage dishes I found off ebay. They are so cute and match her room really well. I love the little tin dishes so much better then plastic...I think I like ANYTHING better then plastic...and the dishes came with a little muffin tin, tea kettle and pot...all mismatched (adding to the charm.)

Gran Jan and Grampy sent her a Melissa and Doug wooden puzzle that makes the animal sound when you stick the puzzle piece into the correct place. She has been playing with it all day (sometimes I can convince her to give Brady a turn. ) She also got the Cedarmont Kids Christmas Carols video from them...I thought that would be nice for her since Christmas is coming up and she loves to sing - now she can learn songs about the baby Jesus. Thanks mom and dad for adding to the *specialness* of her birthday.

For lunch I made her homemade pigs in a blanket with some wheat pizza dough that I had frozen...super easy. She also had Annies Organic mac and cheese...her favorite. Yumm -O!

After the kids nap we headed towards downtown Chattanooga because I had been wanting to take the kids and Zac to Renaissance Park (I had been before with a friend. ) It has this big hill that we hiked up...the kids LOVED it and I couldn't believe how well they did going up and down over and over again. The sky was so blue and the walk was absolutely gorgeous.

We're on top of the world!!!

The park is right in the middle of the city but it feels like you are in the middle of the woods. They have planted tons and tons of wildflowers and there is a path that takes you right to the river with a lovely view of the downtown area.

The kids thought the best part was being able to stand up on the picnic tables. I have no problem with this....just for all of you who see this picture and shudder thinking of them falling and busting their heads. I don't allow myself to have these visions - it's how I stay sane. Here Brady is saying "What do I see? I see a river!"

Mr Handsome was prepared to go coach and then got a call while we were out saying the scrimmage was canceled....so I received another 2 hours with my precious love. We celebrated by getting gelato at Greenlife. :) Oh my gosh...I had the honey pecan...the epitome of *pleasure.*

Ah....a nice drink of water for the parched throats.

After all of that we still didn't end the day of fun. We headed over to Firehouse subs (I had never been) and found out they had free kid's meals on Wednesdays...lucky us! The kids especially liked that they got a free little fire hat.

And just when I thought all the birthday fun was over, today a horn honked outside and I peeked out the window to see my mailman carrying a large package with our name on it. "Got yourself a heavy one today" he says to me with his, oh so precious, southern drawl. I just love our mailman. Sometimes I brush my hair just for him...he's just so very nice and charming and always brings good things to the door. Anyways...I'm getting on a rabbit trail. The box was from our very dearest Kate...inside was oodles and oodles of thrift store treasures for the kids (lovely clothes) and a birthday surprise for Trin.....

and here it is! I'm in absolute love! Just when I think Kate can't amaze me anymore then she already has...she mails off something as lovely as this! It's like all of the simple lovely things I love wrapped up in an apron....and to top it off it fits my little girl perfectly with some growing room so I can enjoy her in it for at least a couple of years. Trinity is just so precious and I had a wonderful time celebrating her yesterday. She is a gift from God with all of her blue eyed, blond curly haird goodness. The title of this post I actually got from a friend. Joy made me a collage for all of the kids....with verses and pictures representing their names and she had "A Heavenly Name Bearer" written on the collage for Trin. I thought it was perfect....it's what I've always tried to say but couldn't come up with those simple yet significant words. My prayer for Trin is that she will grow to someday love her God with her whole heart...to love people and to love life and all it's beauties....to give herself to good works and taking care of those around here. A life of service....is there anything more important and more lovely? Someone dedicated to their Master, unselfish in every way...a tall order? Maybe so...but I have big dreams for my kiddos. :)


Cindy said...

Autumn's birthday was wed. the 28th
it is so strange ...all her birthdays in chihuahua were sunny and warm and now the day here has been cold and this time very rainy!

glad you had such a good day for Trin.

Lesley said...

aw it sounds like a wonderful time. i want to celebrate my birthday with you next year. tell trin her aunt and uncle love her as well as your other cute ones

Tim said...

What a special day for Trinity in deed! I am so thankful for all the neat things God does for you guys. I see you went to my most favorite walking place...R.P in Chattanooga. Love y'all, MOM

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