Nov 15, 2009

Saturday Musings

The sun goes down so early now - always makes me feel like the kids should be in bed by 6. I continue feeding them supper earlier then needed and then I look outside and it's dark. We've been spending more time in the house reading after dinner then we use to and I kind of welcome the change, even though it makes time drag a little bit. Someday I'm going to kick myself for *wanting* time to pass...for wanting the house full of giggles to go away, the play doh hands to be cleaned...the chocolate chip stains washed away....the soft hair of a child to turn coarse and old, the little plump cheeks to sink in - sounds sad now. There....I don't wish the for the present to pass anymore.
I realized that I don't have many pics of Tristan as his bubbly self. All of his pictures portray a rather serious baby and he is actually totally opposite of that. He's personality reminds me more of Trinity's as a baby then Brady. All you have to do is talk to him and he immediately coos and giggles...I wish I could just freeze him in time mixed with a few more hours of sleep a night. :)

The kids and I have been playing a lot in our side yard and back yard. The tree out back has rid itself of thousands and thousands of pine needles...perfect for raking into big stacks and jumping in. Zac set up the tents so now we have a type of *commune* that's nice for playing when the sun is out.

Don't one can see this happy mess from the road. :)

Notice Brady never wears clothes? Just pants....sometimes he even goes commando. I think his internal temperature is messed up or something....

Trinity soaking in sun. We've been blessed with weather in the mid 70's this week!

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CorleyAunt said...

To my remembrance every time I spent time with the family, Zac pretty much did the same thing as Brady. In fact I have a wonderful picture somewhere of him sitting on a trunk with 2 of his "hombres" and they are all bare-chested. They were so dirty from playing outside, the only way you could tell which one was Zac was his blonder hair!

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