Dec 4, 2009


I haven't posted in awhile...basically we had Thanksgiving and then had to leave a couple days later on an emergency trip to Florida. My poor grandma has not in good shape after MANY complications during a gall bladder surgery. Mom and Dad had to leave the mountains and drive to Florida and we felt it a good time to go down and let me see my grandmother in the hospital (I know she recognized me but she wasn't able to talk to me) and to be there to kind of *distract* my parents from all the stress for a couple of days. :)
Before we left I finished my little felt house...up at the top. I really enjoy working with felt and have really started to LOVE crafts. I have so many ideas now that I would like to do but need to wait for awhile...I have like 4 ideas in my head that I want to start but should wait for a couple of weeks.
I've shared these pictures on Facebook but I'll share them here too. Brady is being so sweet here lately. He has turned from super angry to extremely the point of tears if anyone is upset with him. He is still very *quirky* but also very gifted. He's been such a joy to us lately...he did wonderful on our trip to Florida. The other day at lunch in the mall he bowed his head and said "Thank you Jesus for all our blessings and for being our Saviour." This morning he colored a paper for me and said "Here mom, I made you a card. Will you write *love* on it?" Just makes your heart break. :)

Trinity is a squirrel and so full of life and songs and sweetness and spirit. That says that. She loves Tristan is is such a mama to him ...I kind of feel bad for him when he's about 3 and she's 5. Ha ha.

I started giving Tristan applesauce just because I think he really wanted it...and sure enough he gulps it down. I didn't start Trin on solids until she was about 8 months but he really enjoys it and just seems to be asking for it. He's only 5 months though so I know it's a little early still...but he's SO big and long and as dad says "a pork chop" (in the most loving way possible.) Tristan LOVES his Johnny Jump Up seat and he's trying his best to crawl but for now just rolls all over the place. :) He and his cousing Sawyer would have a blast together rolling. :)
TOmorrow we hope to get our's suppose to be snowing tomorrow so hopefully the "mood" will be right.


Lesley said...

i wish i could come and meet tristan and visit all of you. i know sayer would love it too. she loves looking at other kids.

Jeanie said...

I'm so glad you got to go and spend a tad of time with your folks and your dear Granny Toole. I could hear the release of tension in your mom's voice as she told me you were there! What a blessing that was for all of y'all! I'm praying for ya', my dear Springy girl!

Grammy said...

I'm glad to "hear" from you again. I wondered if you were back from FL yet. We've been praying for you lately. I know it's been hard having your granny so sick.

Tim said...

THose are cool pictures...they are allowing me to have my laptop in ICU so when Mama does become more alert I will show the blog photos to her. She is sleeping all the time now. But nothing is wrong.
We loved having you here and the kids were a wonderful 'balm' to my sould.
Thanks for being so sensitive and caring.
Love you, MOM

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