Dec 14, 2009

The Hanging of the Green

I realized today while sorting through my photo's (the never ending unedited one's on my computer) that I had never actually told the story of our "hanging of the green" day. :) Ha ha...does anyone actually ever use that *title.* I'm only using it because the church we use to attend called it that when all the women would get together to decorate the church for Christmas every year. They would always post in the bulletin "This Friday Night...Hanging of the Green." I think it sounds hilarious...not quite sure why but sometimes a certain saying just strikes my fancy and then it's mine forever. :) get on with the story...we woke up last week to a winter wonderland. I think God wanted to make that day in particular special for our kids because honestly....snow in Georgia so early in the year ON the day you are going to go get your tree?! A miracle for sure. Brady woke up that morning and I said to him "Brady, what's outside...go peek out the window." He walked over to the dining room and put his hand against the glass....pure shock (a little amazement) overcame him and he just gasped "snow." Priceless.
Daddy came home (daddy to the kids...I do NOT call him me) and the kids informed him that it was snowing - even though he had just been driving in it for the last 15 minutes. Zac was good and just said "Oh really?!" After some breakfast we bundled the kids up and Zac took them outside to show them all the joys to be had on a white winter day - snowball fights, building snowmen...

being pulled on a trash can lid (a.k.a. sledding. )

Brady just kept saying "ho ho ho Merry Christmas. I love you mom....merry Christmas!" Trin loved it for the most part but started whimpering when her hands turned into ice. She get's that from me I'm sorry to say....the whimpering when uncomfortable. Sometimes I can be a person of GREAT STRENGTH (you pushing 3 babies out of me) but then other when I have a hangnail or am a little bit chilly - I'm a real pansy.

The kids came in to warm up a bit before going out for the tree...don't you just love their tired expressions in this photo complimented by the damp pants?!

After warming up with some cocoa we were off for our tree. I made Zac take this picture just because the mamas are hardly ever photographed and I would like my kids to someday see that I was *present* say the least. :)

Isn't it a beauty? The tree too. :) Brady really was happy in this picture but cars were going by so he was a little preoccupied with what kind of Toyota was in the parking lot and what kind of Honda just drove know how it goes.

And lastly...the tree. It really does look so much better in person - the lighting here doesn't quite capture the ambiance. The kid's had so much fun decorating it and being a part...what a fun stage they are at!! Christmas time has been so much fun so far this year. I have tons of plans for next year already (please no eye rolling.) I simply can't help myself...I've been reading so many crafting goodness on other's blogs and websites this year that my head is absolutely spinning with creative possibilities. Brady's birthday is in a few days and my plans for that have taken off in leaps and bounds. Three days ago it was going to just be a chocolate 13x9 cake and I am making a round cake that resembles a snowy little mountain with teddy bear grahams sledding down the hill....I'm making little elf hats for party hats and I just made a little banner to hang. I still have 4 more hats to make but it really is great fun and good for my creative outlet in the evening once the kids are tucked into bed. I'm afraid I grow rather impatient with them when I try to sew and they are awake....focusing on what I need to do and what I need to accomplish and forgetting their little hearts and how easily they break when mama's *snap.* So...I've decided that for me it really just isn't realistic at this moment in time for me to "create" with them around...unless it's cookies or something tasty like that. :) Stay tuned for Birthday Brady Pictures. Oh...I forgot to tell you...I accidentally scalped Brady! Yes....sadness took over my heart for awhile as I stood over his piles and piles of hair on the floor....hairs that were suppose to have just been trimmed....but alas....I'm a beginner and what do beginner's do? They make mistakes - and boy did I ever. Brady says he likes it but I felt just terrible. Hair will grow they tell me - please grow quickly blonde tresses because all I can sing in my head is "Oh where have you gone Brady boy, Brady boy."


Grammy said...

Oh my goodness!! Where's the pic of Poor Brady Boy??!!

Grammy said...

By the way! Loved the story of The Hanging of the Green. We were just in a church in NY where the pastor's wife talked about the hanging of thee greens. I copied the following from an internet article:

What is the "Hanging of the Greens?"

Many churches hold a service of preparation for Christ's coming, which includes hanging greenery traditionally associated with everlasting life. Greens such as cedar for royalty, fir and pine boughs for everlasting life, holly symbolizing Jesus' death and ivy representing the resurrection are used.

Tim said...

What a fun time all of you had indeed! I know where they have the "Hanging of the Green", Dad and I helped with that last hard to believe a full year has passed by.

The Toplovs said...

Your tree looks so inviting. It's so neat to read about the small things God does (as in sending snow on that day) to delight our hearts.

Zhenya rolls his eyes when I ask him to take a picture of me and the kids, but I insist because I want to look back and see what we all looked like together!

OH...I have the same issue when trying to focus on something that is important to me and then snapping at the kids. This is when I also realized it's better to do those things when the kids are tucked in bed and during the day I'm their mommy to watch over their every need.

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