Dec 19, 2009

My Baby is Four Today

Brayden Allen ....brave and strong, full of life and wonderment...leaves Zac and I without words to REALLY describe him. My friend Joy made this collage for him and I love the verses she chose. Brayden means brave and I love how God encourages men to be full of be on guard and to stay strong in the faith. I hope someday Brady will enjoy a personal relationship with Heavenly Father....that he will be strong in a world that is so very deceptive...that he will see a snake when it's indeed a snake and not an angel of light. Brayden's middle name Allen means *handsome * (which he is) but there is also an alternative meaning....Rock. Brady will have to rely on God (as we all do) but maybe in some other special ways that I don't have too. There are a lot of things that are very difficult for him that aren't so difficult for *normal* people...and there are some things that are extremely easy for him that are hard for most. He is very special and gifted but also challenged in many areas. He will need a Rock to stand on and a fortress to take refuge....I thank God for being that since Zac and I will not always be able to help him.
Brayden has brought me SO much joy. He had to have this picture taken with his flashlight. Today is "post" birthday and he had kind of hard day after all of the activity and sugar yesterday. He hears things from two rooms away that I have to go into the room and put my ear up against the object to hear ...I had to answer the same question all day long...I had to dry tears that would come after he was so frustrated with something not working how it should. On the other hand....I got to ask him different random words and he knew what letter each one started with (without ever having a reading lesson ) he asked me (this is kind of funny) where I bought my bra at...I said Wal Mart not remembering...and he corrected me and said "no mom...Target." I did indeed....but I didn't remember because it was 7 months ago that this happened. Brayden Allen you are so loved and mommy will always answer your questions, even if it's the same one 20 times a day. I will always give you everything I have to give...I hope you see the Light in me and your dad and you are attracted to it. May that light come to stay and burn in your heart forever and ever. May that precious smile be shared someday with your wife that will give you *lots of babies* (in your own words). I hope you will have the most simple yet joyful childhood imaginable. We love you.


The Toplovs said...

Alyssa. This is such a beautiful post and such precious words you have shared about Brayden. I'm so glad you acknowledge Brayden's need for Christ, because as parents we are just not enough. I would so love to meet that kid.

I had to laugh with the whole bra incident. Jaida is exactly (I kid you not) the same with rememebering the oddest details from months before. She corrects me all the time. :)

JLW said...

So sweet! You guys look like you have so much fun!

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