Jan 16, 2010

A lazy winter day...full of clouds...my friend the *sun* seems to be forever gone. I dream of spring. I'm absolutely itching with all the endless garden possibilities for this year. Last year I JUST started reaping the rewards of gardening...a tomatoe or two, a handful of basil...clippins of rosemary. This year thoughts of big plump yellow squash fill my head...carrots and even garlic. I can't wait. But until then...
For now we spend the days indoors reading stories. Zac will be gone for 48 hours so I will be coming up with crafts (non sewable ones...wah!!!! Dumb ol' machine) and maybe some baking...I'm thinking of trying my hand at biscotti. Today I made scrumptious meatballs with a side of baked sweet potatoes and green beans...good wholesome delcious food. We're calculating Zac's calories and writing everything down...I'm focusing on giving him more protein then normal so that's kind of stretching me a bit. I'm use to cooking lots of casseroles and stuff...making the dollar stretch. His new *healthier* eating is going to call for a lot of imagination on my part and a little extra cooking. I'm making him healthy snacks to eat every 2-3 hours so when I pack his food for the next 2 days here's what I'll need:
2 dinners
2 lunches
1 breakfast
6 snacks

All of these needing to be a good carb like brown rice or such...a lean protein and lots of fresh veggies and fruit. So far I have a soup going and I'm also going to cook up some chicken this afternoon...portion out yogurt for him and peel and slice up a bunch of carrots and cucumbers. Lots of work but at the same time...when you love someone you support them....this is my way. Here's a simple thought for you today...what are you doing today to support the interests of someone you love?
I sadly say...I think Brady is over naptime. I knew this day would come but wasn't quite prepared to give up that 2 hour block of mindlessness I have so come to enjoy. However, he still does stay in his room...it's just the *knowing* that he isn't asleep somehow I don't feel as relaxed. But, we must all grow up and I guess his giving up a daily nap is a sign of our future....big kids. Yikes.


CorleyAunt said...

Beans are an EXCELLENT source of protein! Only a 1/2 cup of pinto's (or any other beans) equals 2 Protein and 2 Starch servings! Plus, they keep your blood sugar exceedingly steady :>D

I find that if I cook them in the pressure cooker, they don't give me the, umm..., "tootiful" results at all! Throw some in a soup and you've got one healthy meal that also meets the "stretch" of the budget!

MOM said...

Have you tried taking your bobbin case out and adjust the tiny screw on it??? A small little turn to tighten it sometimes corrects the problem you are having. Just an idea...I wish Icould get my hands on it; I might figure out how to fix it for you. If you get desperate ask Lori for a machine!

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