Jan 25, 2010

Say "hey" to Papa

Dear Granny,
I will miss your cackling laugh...but I'm glad Papa isn't missing it anymore. The day you left earth I envisioned you running to the feet of Jesus. I saw you holding hands with Papa Toole...your lifelong love and best friend.Your tired eyes have been replaced with bright luminous ones....you have your very own pearly white teethnow ...long raven black hair ...and best of all...no more swollen puffy skin or a hole in your neck to breathe.
I'm so happy you have been reunited with your two sons. I know you have missed them terribly. I love you Granny for living out the example of true commitment in marriage. You stayed by your man in good times and bad...and there were a lot of bad. You were loyal and a true servant...you were his best friend. Thank you for that example. Thank you for showing unconditional love to your children and grandchildren. No matter how they treated you or how messed up they got...you were always their number one fan.

I love you so very much and will treasure forever my crocheted purse from you....the litte rabbits you sewed for me when I was small...the dress you crafted for Trin last summer. You inspire me...when I remember you I will remember sweetness but also a woman who knew her mind. Kiss Papa for me.
Your A.A.


MOM said...

I will always love you!!!

Lesley said...

how very bitter sweet... i very nice post... i wish i could've known her better... but the time i had with her was still great... she was a sweet loving person i will always remember that and how readily her and all the rest of your family exepted me into your family.

micahandlesleybloggers said...

i loved knowing that no matter how i was feeling, i could always count on a big, big hug from granny. i will miss hugs, i will miss her smile. i can't believe she's gone. i wasn't able to see her like that so i will try to remember her for what it was i loved the most. i loved the cookie jar on the counter and the old tv that still worked. all of her pictures of us that are all scattered around. i will miss a lot of things. i wish that i could be there so badly... my heart feels broken in half. i love my family. thank you so much for posting this seth... i am sitting in my room alone lookin at the pictures and it makes me feel a little closer to home.

Jeanie said...

Springy, I'm so sorry for your pain and so delighted for Granny Toole! I love you!

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