May 21, 2010

A Look At the Garden

I wish pictures had scent so you could all smell these lovelies. Aren't they just gorgeous?
They aren't mine - but they might as well be. My tomato patch sits on the other side of the fence from these pink beauties so I get to enjoy them from our yard and when we are down in the garden.

Speaking of garden...progress update....
- my potatoes are growing wonderfully
- my green beans are growing wonderfully
- my corn is growing wonderfully
- my tomatoes are growing wonderfully
- my carrots turned out to be duds. Four successes out of five plantings so far - I'll take it for my first gardening attempt.

And if you don't mind seeing past ALL THE WEEDS and just at the lovely stalks...that would be great. The kids love going down to watch the growing progress - daily. Brady asks me at least a couple times a week if we can eat the corn yet...I try to tell him that we have to wait until the corn stalks are taller than should see his little eyes while he tries to comprehend.
Oh...I wanted to share how Trinity interprets the word "swimming suit." For little girl it is always "sweeny soup." Just had to have that written down for the record...ahhh she brings a smile to my heart. :)

And Brady is very please to inform everyone that he is still a king and going strong. And ,yes, he is wearing a skirt in this picture. Reason? Because he has noticed that in pictures of kings from way back they are always in dresses. He notices every little amazes me - HE amazes me.

And little Trin is pleased to show off her new crown that mama finished up this afternoon. She was SO delighted it made me wish that I had made it a couple of weeks ago. Brady is proud to have a princess around....

And I couldn't decide which picture of her I liked best so you get to see them both!
Wow...two posts in one day....something must be going right today!!!! I leave you with a little poem I found in one of the kid's books that I think will be wonderful to have them memorize...good for me to learn too...
God Be In My Head
God be in my head
And in my understanding.
God be in mine eyes
And in my lookings.
And in my speaking.
God be in my heart
And in my thinking.


Briana said...

Your garden looks great! Those roses must be a treat to see. Beautiful.

Rebecca said...

awwwwwwww. Your girl. Precious beyond words.

I guess great minds think alike--either that or the garden bug is biting bad this year. (LOVE those roses. Jealous of those roses. Trying not to covet those roses.)

MOM said...

Your garden is beautiful and I do hope you enjoy its produce. There's nothing that taste as good as fresh out of the garden does.
And the roses are awesome!
Tell Brady I think he is great! AN Trin that her crown is lovely; the model makes all the difference.

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