May 27, 2010

Work and Blessings

The Corley family is entering into busy times these days. What I mean is...busier times. Yesterday Zac put new bead board up in our I started painting the kids room and I primed the porch swing (I'm going to freshen up the porch a bit before getting into those lazy summer days) and then tomorrow Zac finishes up painting...coaches a soccer tournament all weekend...and then Tuesday starts cutting the new butcher block counter tops. I'm so excited for change....i sort of thrive on change of scenery...yet I also thrive on routine and structure so I'm not exactly sure what that makes me...a person perhaps.
More work for me means I need more help from the whatever way they can manage. Last night I was busy cooking supper and I had squirrel feeding koala. She took great delight in being included...and he loves any attention given to him by his sister. I think these two are going to be great friends someday...they already play and giggle almost more than Trin and Brady.
Trini is my little helper bee....she reminds me of the verses in the Bible where God lets us know that children are to be an asset....not a hindrance. i think kids have sort of gotten a bad rep for the last while by most...they really are quite intelligent and if included in day to day things and trained well - they really do start to pick up on togetherness and working as a family. I'm thankful for this little one...I can't wait for our relationship to grow even more over the years.
Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them! He shall not be put to shame when he speaks with his enemies in the gate.(Psalms 127:3-5 ESV)

I was embroidery my little crown for the shop yesterday and Trin wanted to sit and watch. "hmmm" I thought to myself " this is one of those times when i need to lay aside what I'm wanting to get done and let her learn beside me" (for all of you that think I did this without the slightest complaint...know that there was a slight grrrrrr in the back of my head.) We traced her hand with a fabric marker and then I placed it in a hoop and let her go to town with needle and thread. She enjoyed it quite a bit but her attention span right now is...well....not very big. It was fun though watching her delight in doing what mama does...the "grrrrr" inside was replace with an "ahhhhh....time is going by toooo quick."

Go figure that it was Mr. Concentration that picked up the half done piece and didn't let it go for about 45 minutes and 5 thread changes. He LOVED sewing and I almost slapped myself on the forehead like "duh, why didn't you think of this activity before?" It goes back to what kids are capable of....most in society would not say it was a good idea to let a 2 and 4 year old loose with a sharp needle...hazardous you know? :) But do they learn if never given a chance? And they will figure out very quickly to respect a needle the first time they get's good to let life teach them sometimes...not just my running mouth.

And speaking of my running mouth...envision it now going up and down in a chewing motion...diving into a fresh biscuit slathered with these pomegranate cherry preserves. I don't tell you this for you to be envious...rather, I tell you this so that next time you are at TJMaxx to check out the gourmet food section. I have found the BEST deals there on tea, olive oil, organic jams and even raw honey! One time i got Ghiradelli dark chocolate bars there for 50 cents each! The other day I got a rather large bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil for 4 dollars. Since I've never been to disneyworld (and really have no desire YET) I seriously think that TJMaxx could be the happiest place on earth - for a deal lover.


CorleyAunt said...

I buy Braswell's at the Dekalb Farmer's Market. It is my go-to for jam as it is SOOOO low in calories! My favorite is the Seedless Black Raspberry...VERY intense flavor and the BEST with my fresh ground peanut butter and organic multi grain bread (both from the Farmer's Market as well). YUM, indeed!

Grammy said...

I SURE loved the fig ones you sent me. So now I know I can go to TJMax and get some more! I wonder if there's one close by?

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