Sep 21, 2010

Projects...dullest post in the universe

There are about to be BIG changes in the Corley home...raelly big. I'm in an everlasting "change" mode and try as I's not leaving me. My fingers are twinging and my mind is spinning and I'm SOOO ready to redecorate, repurpose, declutter and just....change!
First on the agenda....make one half of the laundry room ACTUALLY look like a little baby nook. I'm going to getting all of my pantry items out of there and have the washing machine side seperated by a curtain to the "baby side." I'm excited about possibilites.
Project 2 - moving living dining room furniture around...reframe pictures (as cheaply as possible) and look for a chandelier on sale somewhere...maybe I can find on on craigslist. Paint my chairs green, Oh...and paint the room a warm creamy color. Oh windows in there. Our windows are single paned and have lead in them...let's just saying during the winter our electric bill would shock the masses if we ever announced how much we pay to heat this little 900 sq foot's really insane.'s just not comforting to see your babies noses all red every morning from the cold night. We have enough money saved to be able to go ahead and do 5 of the 10 windows so hopefully sometime in October those will be installed. Sadly :( I don't get to keep any of the old windows for art purposes since we have to pay a higher fee to have them taken to a "secure" location since they have lead based paint on them.
Project 3 - make the office not just an office like it is now...or a bedroom like it use to be...but an OFFICE/BEDROOM. We found a sleeper sofa at Ikea that fits the room very well so we'll be checking that out for comfort here shortly. Exciting days ahead for this intense mama. to breathe. Just a few changes right? Let's just say that the nesting phase always hits me early since I'm definitely a person that rarely leaves anything for the last minute. If I'm 10 weeks pregnant I usually have the entire baby room decorated by then...unfortunately this baby won't have a room so that won't be the case (he/she will be sharing the bed with it's snuggly...for probably 4 months or so.)
There...dullest post ever but I had to get my projects written out and out of my head...phew. I can breathe...just Zac won't be for the next 4 weeks.


Cindy said...

not dull at all.
I love rearranging and fixing!

Havala said...

I do love reading your blog, it makes me so thankful to have you for a friend.

CorleyAunt said...

It twer'nt dull to me neither! I LIKED it!

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