Nov 20, 2010

Holiday Preperations

With the holidays becoming so VERY near (eeek! like in a week!) I have finally decided to start preparing the house and heart bit by bit. Usually I do all the decorating in one day on December 1st. This year though I would like to take a more laid back approach...getting things ready bit by bit so as to "draw out' the good ol' times and allow the kids to experience Christmas everyday for a month. So to begin, today was...snickerdoodles, snickerdoodles, and more snickerdoodles. I finally got myself some cream of tartar....why is it I never have it on hand? Maybe because I have only ever used it to bake these that why cream of tartar was created? I have a wonderful gingerbread cookie recipe that I'm going to make next excited to taste the gingery treats! Gingerbread anything is my absolute favorite of favorites.
Our snowflakes were hung in all of their sparkly glory...I love them so. We also got out little holiday votive candles and spread them about the house, and replaced *regular* coffee cups with our Christmas ones.

And we had our first taste of the MOST wonderful eggnog ever...fresh from Earthfare. Isn't the milk bottle charming?!
Speaking of eggnog...that brings me down to a little dirty business I need to take care of a public space. Here goes nothing, brace yourselves:
Dear Zac, loving husband and father,
Over the years you have continually rejected the all time tradition of the seasonal glass of eggnog. The children nor I think that this is a festive approach to the reject the creamy deliciousness is in a sense...rejecting Christmas cheer. The common glass of egg nog is not so common as one would think. It's simplicity embodies the simplicity of togetherness yet it's rich texture and spice symbolizes the richness of brothery love and the spice of life. We think it is time that you accept the fact that you are 1/100th part Scrooge and may need some professional guidance. We come to you out of love and admiration and hope you will take this letter to heart knowing that we only want your best. This is our first step of "intervention."
your darling wife, Brady, Trini, Tristan, and Sweet Pea (who already in the WOMB approved of the egg nog delicacy.)

Once again...and then I'll get off of the subject....this stuff was tasty with a capital "T."

Trin and I went outside to collect pine cones and berries and then used this old candle I had to create a centerpiece for our dining room table. Isn't it cute?

The weather has still been perfect. Chilly enough to wear sweaters and slippers, but sunny enough to get out in the afternoons. I heartily approve.

And for a brady update...he's SO excited about the holidays - obsessive maybe, yet excited. He went to his therapy appointment last week and had a blast with the therapist. She was to contact a child's phsycologist to see if it would be appropriate for him to be formally tested. I'm going to go after Thanksgiving to meet with her (Laura) and come up with a coarse of action. Please continue to pray for lots of guidance for Zac and I and that we would continue to minister to Brady in the way that he needs.
That's all the holiday cheer for today folks...check back with us soon....I think we are going to hang up lights next.


CorleyAunt said...

Zac, I'm with you! While egg nog may indeed taste yummy, it is REALLY unhealthy (sorry, Alyssa, but true!). Why not a NEW holiday tradition of hot apple cider?! YUM!!! And healthy!

Laura said...

FYI - you can use cream of tartar to make homemade play dough - really turns out nice and keeps well in a plastic bag. Just a thought. :)

The Toplovs said...

We really like eggnog too, but it's something that is easy to get sick of if you overdo it. Have you ever tried adding coke to yours (makes it even more unhealthy, but tasty)?

Your kids are gonna have some awesome memories of Christmas. We haven't even started to think about it!!

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