Nov 30, 2010

Just a Bit of Christmas...

Stockings are hung....minus one. I realized this morning that last year I never purchased/made Koala Bear a stocking for his goodies...mostly because our little bitty babes aren't as included in Christmas festivities as the older littles. This year that just won't, hi ho, hi's off to the fabric store I go. I did hang up these three, and then I'll have zac and mine on another wall. I don't want to hang them over the fireplace just because I tend to start *stuffing* the stockings much sooner then the 24th of December and I'm afraid chocolate goodness will melt. :)
If you look on the mantel you'll see my new Christmas treasure for the year. I'm not sure if it's a tree topper or just a "tree" but it was handmade in India and I loved the blue color with the red.
And speaking of Koala...he is getting cuter and cuter with each passing day. He is becoming so very verbal, constantly copying his big sister and trying to make believe right along with her. The days are becoming increasingly chilly and in the mornings and evenings - down right COLD! It's beginning to feel like Christmas....

A few days ago we went for a family outing to Costco because we saw they had LED lights for a good price. I'm so tired of hanging the same icicle lights...five years now....that we decided to go with a bit more color. While Zac was busy hanging up the lights in the chilly weather, Squirrel and Koala kept themselves occupied with running about the yard and getting into all sorts of mischief. :)

Here's Trin *leading* back a lost sheep who had wandered into the neighbors yard. Such a good big sister....such a passive little brother.

The men folk busy at making our porch *festive.*

It got a bit too cold for the littles so they came inside and cuddled up with books while daddy continued on in his perfectionist hanging of the lights. When Zac does a job...he does it right. :)

Tristan chewed a little...those back teeth coming in sure have been bothering the little fella. Aren't they just so cozy?

And after the hard work and a supper of spaghetti...we celebrated with some delicious chocolate cookies that I found at Kroger...ready made organic cookie dough for 2 bucks....SCORE!
Today has been raining and raining (I think 3 inches the news said) so we have been rather sequestered. I tried playing some Christmas music but the atmosphere seemed a little more dreary than *magical.* Tomorrow I hope to get out and think of some fun Christmas crafts for the kids...and I STILL haven't been able to get any ground ginger! Tomorrow, tomorrow.
For those of you interested...I DID get up early this morning and have quiet time alone in the living room...just me, my Bible and journal, a good strong cup of coffee and a flickering fire. *note to self* - ALWAYS have the coffee set up and set the timer for 5 minutes before the alarm goes off. Such a nice way to wake the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The time was so good for my spirit and such a nice way to start the day. I hope to repeat the experience tomorrow...I know my soul needs it and I was able to really think on *things above.* thanks for those of you who sent me encouraging words after my post last are all so truly dear.


Larissa said...

You are an amazing mama. LOVE how present you are with your kiddos and how aware you are of each of their needs and desires!

When my kiddos were younger and i felt overwhelmed I played my music loudly and danced. Play music that you love - not necessarily kids stuff - and they will stop the fits (or at least you won't hear them as much) and join you in dancing and being silly. also, always smile - even if you're home alone and feel like crying inside - put a smile on your face and you will feel your whole body relax and you will not be able to stop giggling at how silly the whole thin is!

you are awesome for working all the issues out here so that you can be calmer at home. Big hugs to you mama!

Madeline said...

Beautiful family.
I've started making myself get up earlier than the kids, so I get a little time for myself and God. I've been surprised at how much that does for my day. Too bad I'm a tea gal though. I have yet to find a tea maker with a timer.

The Toplovs said...

Cute stockings!!!

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