Dec 11, 2010

Normalcy and Something New

Today was a good day for this mama. I was able to get my chores done without being overly exhausted...the kids played pretty well together...I baked a batch of eggnog thumbprint cookies (recipe shared by a friend) and there was just a feeling of "normalcy" about the place.
I'm thinking that I need to schedule one morning a week where I go off to Panera alone and get back into my *chore chart and menu planning* swing. I think this will make my days feel a bit more controlled and productive instead of crazy and overwhelming. I read on that Crystal (the author) washes one load of laundry per day....this way she can wash, dry, fold and put away - stay on top of things without there being baskets of clean clothes lying around everyday of the week waiting to be folded. The last two days I have started this method and it has been wonderful. Thus, my resolution to start *planning* again.
Speaking of planning...for awhile now I've been wanting to start a separate blog that is basically for sharing green living and frugal living tips with other women and I have started it! I made my first post tonight and I'm hoping to use this blog to connect to my etsy shop that will be hopefully opening again in 2011! I will still have my Longing for Simplicity for writing my innermost thoughts and documenting my kid's lives... I love this outlet too much to give it up. If you would like to visit the new site ... Green Mama in a Rainbow World...and give me your feedback, that would be much appreciated!


Madeline said...

Yay! So glad for you. And what a great idea. I could definitely use a weekly planning session.

Cindy said...

that laundry thing really gets to me, too. i usually do one or two loads per day... to keep up.
but, when i remember how your mom
has had to do laundry...and many others who live without the convenient machines that i have, then i think, well, its really not that bad. ☺

The Toplovs said...

I have started doing laudry twice a week, instead of once and that alone has helped. Maybe when our family expands I'll start doing one load per day, though the thought of folding laundry everyday sounds a bit depressing! :)

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