Jan 13, 2011

Inspiration...I'm Thinking of Something Blue

This is the most perfect mobile for a child's room....I'm thinking of trying to make one as I've seen several tutorials online.

I love the little pop of color in this gorgeous felt applique....Melissa is THE *all things creative* master.

Yes - I would wear these. They would look fantastic with my cowgirl boots.

The perfect solution to a cluttered jewlery box...and the never ending "hunt of the wedding ring" i've found myself engaging in ONE to many times.

Aren't the colors in the little bowl amazing? Reminds me of the ocean...and is affordable to boot.
We are still sick....zac and I no longer have fever but the kids do on and off...EVERYONE has the horrible chest congestion. So, going on day 5 of crud....prayerfully hoping to be better soon. The no sleep and the constant pain from coughing is getting a bit rough.....at least the aches and chills from the fever seem to be gone. :)


kate fried said...

hey, i made a bird mobile like that! it was extremely time-consuming, but turned out cute.

Lovelockandco said...

Hey so, are you not on facebook anymore? I was trying to remember what your baby's name is and couldn't find you!

Laura said...

So sorry about the sickness! We had a similar bug last week... still have the lingering cough (so hard to hear little chests going through that!) We came down with it Monday morning but had pretty much kicked it by Saturday so I'm praying that all of you are on the mend.

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