Jan 4, 2011

Pondering January

The new year has come and with it I'm determined to have a new attitude to finish out the winter. I want springtime here SO badly I can't even begin to describe it. I love the time of year where I can open windows, have coffee on the porch in the mornings, watch kids run around barefoot...I love taking pictures of buds appearing and then blooming....I just love the spring. I always thought I was a *fall* girl basically because I was born in September, love apples and pumpkin pie and the scent of cinnamon...but I've changed my mind. i PREFER flowers and pesto, gentle rains and green grass, lemony flavored things and tons of fruit. Spring is for me. And of course there's the small fact that I'm named for the springtime...Alyssa Spring. Twasn't an accident.
We were able to get outdoors a bit a couple of days ago. It was warmer so we drove up to Ft Mountain to walk around and then ended up going up the side of a mountain...as in CLIMBING UP HILL for about 20 minutes, following a different trail to come down....realizing that we were slightly lost and need to go back UP to come down the right way. All in all....my legs got quite the workout and I told zac to take me back when I'm close to my due date. He doesn't seem to think that's the best idea...he has visions of me going into full labor and him delivering Finnian in the old fort that was at the top of the mountain. :)
Today I've been baking blueberry muffins that called for lemon zest...I think that's one reason my mind has been on spring. But really, I think the reason why I'm just a little bit ready for that glorious time of year is 3 fold :
- Brady will start going for intensive testing ...meaning ANSWERS
- Maybe we might sell our house? Please Lord....900 feet was nice with just us as a couple but we're feeling a bit smushed (I know that's not a word folks.)
- my sweet little Finn will come into the world and create more love and chaos in our lives then we know what to do with.

My reasons for me so far loving January are:
- I got to pack up all that Christmas clutter - such relief
- Zac surprised me GREATLY with my first pair of little diamond stud earrings. They are white gold and 1/5 carat making them perfect for my second earring hole. I've had to leave that space *vacant* for some time because all of the other earrings made my lobes itch. These are perfect.
- I feel more in love with my husband then ever before...i just want to be near him constantly. We celebrated our 7 year anniversary on the third and it was so very laid back and perfect.

Some of the hardships I have faced ALREADY in 2011 :
- zac is leaving this Thursday to go to Denver....4 days without my hubby = great sadness and isolation for Alyssa
- without trying to, my mind has gone back to my emergency room visit last year and the loss of our little baby that was going to be born this month. It's so strange how I can be carrying another life but missing that one. Anyways, I've only felt down about it a couple of times but it was late at night and very intense. There are some things that you see in life that are very hard to get out of your head...that experience was one of them.

So, there's a little family update if you want to call it that. We are healthy and doing well...enjoying the bits of sunshine that are peeking out this week. Tomorrow will be a busy day of packing up Zac, getting the tires replaced on our van and the oil changed...ALSO the windshield wipers quit working while Zac was driving IN the dark, In the rain...on his way to work. He said that he had to drive the whole way there with the window down so he could see...the van is at the shop as I type. I'm hoping for LOW numbers on the bill.


Anonymous said...

Im sorry for your loss Alyssa but also very happy that you will be welcoming a new little one this year, going to be a big year for your by the sounds of it! I love Spring as well, since moving to a colder climate I must admit Summer definately takes the cake but Spring has always been my favourite.

Madeline said...

I hope the time away from your husband flies by. I know that's rough on you. But, it sounds like 2011 has some really beautiful things in store for you!

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