Jan 6, 2011

Still in Love, Finn Becomes Eggburt, and Sushi

I dropped my dear love off today at the shuttle station ..... tears misted my eyes as I pulled the van away from him. Strange. I thought the phase of crying over a 3 days separation from my hubby would be over by now, but 'tis not. Takes me back to all those times many, many years ago before we were married and we would only see each other 2-3 times a year. I remember visiting him in Colorado and when my time there was done, him driving me to the airport and me feeling like a piece of me was breaking in half (obviously my heart) - I remember being so overwhelmed after saying good bye that I could barely breathe. The security guards all treated my very kindly that day - probably because my face was all red and puffy from crying. :) You know what though? I'm glad it bothers me to be away from Zac...I'm glad that he is my home. If you think of it, please pray for his safety as he is away from us and that God would help bring to mind the correct answers for the test he will be taking. Thanks.
The kids and I had a productive day. I decided to just push my tiredness aside and get on with life....get on with loving my kids. We played a bit of hide and seek around the house, had a nice lunch together and then Tristan and Trinity both napped at the same time. Wonderful. While they were asleep I took a look at moneysavingmom.com and saw that Babies R Us was having this amazing deal on some much needed items around here...so I took their nap time to rest, print off coupons, and plan my attack of the shopping world. I got these Earth's Best diapers for 3 dollars after coupons, the two little shirts for Trin ended up being 2 dollars each and I got the little lined croc-like shoes for 3 dollars. Score! I don't know if it's just me or this area or maybe the places I shop but I'm having the hardest time finding used shoes and clothing that are still in good shape for my little Trinity. The consignment shop that I normally shop at has raised their prices considerably....I can find better deals on clearance racks than I can there nowadays. Right now she has 3 long sleeve shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, a sweater or two....maybe a couple t shirts. The girl could use some clothes folks...mama's on the hunt.

Zac replaced all four tires on our van two days ago, got the oil changed, battery tested and the system cleaned out just to make sure I had a good working vehicle in his absence. Wouldn't you know that when I got all the kids strapped into their car seats outside of Babies R Us the car wouldn't start! It took me 4 times cranking it...I almost panicked. I remembered to pray to Heavenly Father and then the car started...thank you God! I seriously don't know what I would have done because I was 45 minutes from home...almost supper time and no one to really call.
I then took the kids to Earthfare to get them their free Thursday healthy kid's meal. Have you heard of this folks?! If you have an Earthfare around you, every Thursday night with the purchase of an adult meal ($5) you can get up to 6 free kid's meals. This is amazingly awesome for those of us that have a hard time affording to eat out....and gosh...I could procreate 2 more kids and still have free meals on Thursdays (I'm not seriously thinking of more kids yall, just giving an example.) The food is great too....hummus veggie wraps or provolone and turkey, yogurts and organic raisins...or you could choose a fruit kabob....each kid's meals comes with an organic milk or fruit juice - wonderful! Earthfare does this as their own private fight against childhood obesity...good stuff. Make sure you're on their mailing list two because each week they have a different coupon for something free with a five dollar purchase (last week I got a box of organic chocolate and caramel truffles.)

All in all, the day was fine. I enjoyed being a mother today - funny statement? Maybe...but true. I am the first to tell you that I love my kids but I do NOT always enjoy the demands of motherhood. It's tiring stuff, especially when you're trying to do it right.
Little Finn is growing and kicking me every which way. I welcome his kicks, have prayed for the day that he would kick and turn and toss. Brady and Trinity asked if they could talk to him tonight....I was a little taken aback but said "sure." Trinity lifts my shirt to where they could but their mouths up against my belly button and speak...as if that's the magic port of communication with a baby. Brady gets a grin on his face and says very seriously "Baby Finn...we have decided to change your name to...Eggburt." The two of them just busted up laughing. Little goobers.
This little mama is off to eat some sushi - *off* meaning in my living room ,in pjs -in front of the television. :) I decided to make my $5 meal sushi tonight since Zac doesn't care for it...don't worry guys, I got the california roll (cooked crab, cream cheese, cucumber and avacado in brown rice.)


emulatingErin said...

What size clothes does Trin wear? I don't have any shoes, but Emma has some 4T and 5T stuff that she's grown out of. I'd love to pass it on to you if I can :) I have a few summery things and a few winter sweat suits. You can email me at ee.mclellan@gmail.com to talk about it more.

Madeline said...

I'm green with envy. I want an Earthfare! I hope the next few days go quickly for you. :)

Alyssa Spring Corley said...

For some reason I can't change my email address in my contact info...hmmmm. So, Erin I have no way of getting in contact with you unless maybe you could shoot me an e mail to alyssaspringcorley@gmail.com

The Toplovs said...

Earthfare sounds like such an awesome place that would actually give FREE kids meals....

And I can totally relate to your feelings about kids consigment shops. Sometimes I have found great deals there; other times it's cheaper for me to buy a brand new shirt in WalMart than to buy second hand. Frustrating!!!!

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