Jan 28, 2011

To Almond or Not?

Hmmmm....play or slave labor? Maybe a little of both. Last week Brady was watching The Sword and the Stone and there was a scene where little Arthur was made to scrub out all the huge kitchen pots. For some reason this cleaning concept excited Brady to no end...so today I got smart and told him "I don't have any big black pots but you could scrub our shower if you want." He was delighted and spent at least 20 minutes scrubbing and whistling.
Brady's imagination has been running wild today...he's been a firefighter, a pilot of a Boeing (he was pretty devastated that I had no big boxes for him to use as a cock pit) and he's been a police officer and writing us tickets left and right all day. This morning Trinity wasn't listening to me so after several times of asking her to stop walking on my mopped floor I....well....errr... RAISED my voice just a touch. :) Three hours later I was handed a piece of paper off of his ticket pad that read "Do not yell." It was pretty humorous even though I had to remind him that he shouldn't *get on to me* even in subtle ways. :) I did apologize for yelling, however. :)

I never get to see Trin's clothes anymore because she is constantly wearing her Princess dress that she was given for Halloween. She has been Cinderella all day long...even though she doesn't actually pretend anything...she just says she's the "little Cinder girl." I wish everyone that read this blog could hear Trinity pronounce the word "girl." She sounds like she's straight from New Jersey - I have no idea why she says it the way she does but I've been trying to manipulate our conversation just so she has plenty of opportunities to use the word.

Zac is on shift today so after laundry and mopping we decided to start our party preparation. Both of the kids were given some paper and stickers to make daddy a card and I started on the cake. Brayden was unsure of how to spell some of the words he wanted to write so I wrote them on a piece of paper for him to copy. He said that he wanted to tell zac "Happy Birthday Daddy" and then on the inside "You are great daddy." Well, after some time had passed Brady brought me his card for inspection with the most delighted look on his face. The outside read "Happy Birthday Daddy" but then on the inside it simply stated "Daddy, your birthday is on MUNDAY." I laughed out loud and told him that his daddy would be delighted - Brady is quite obsessed with days and time so he's really been challenged with the concept of celebrating Zac's birthday on the wrong day (he has to work this year on his birthday.)
After making the cards I told Brady to go hide them somewhere and when he came back I asked him where they were and he said "a great spot....under daddy's pillow." He really is just cracking me up today.

I made a homemade white cake (they look yellow though...grrrrr) and then added some coconut to the batter. Tomorrow I'm going to make a butter cream frosting and then add a little almond extract and coconut....what do you think? I don't have any coconut flavoring and have no car to be able to go get some...in the morning Zac is going straight from work to go coach so I won't be able to get out to a store at all tomorrow either. Do you think almond would taste good with the coconut...I mean....hello - can we all say "ALMOND JOY?"
I'm excited for tomorrow since I get to have date night with my love. Mexican food here we come...and then off to Coldstone for a little ice cream treat. Zac use to work at a Coldstone Creamery in college so yesterday he informed me that we were going there since it's been a couple of years since we went to an actual ice cream shop..and listen to this - tomorrow the weather is suppose to be 60 degrees!!!!!! I'm thrilled. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.....party pictures to come.


Janet said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one! Those kids are too much. I miss all of you so much. A year has passed since I saw you last.
The party sounds wonderful. I wish I had Mama's coconut cake recipe to have passed on to you...hers was the best!!!
Love you.
PS I wonder if Brady can do a missionary!!

kate fried said...

i literally laughed out loud at the ticket brady gave you :-)
such a hilarious kid.

Jason and Antonia said...

The almond coconut frosting sounds delish. And did you use the egg yolks in your cake? That is probly what turned them yellow. The white cake recipe I use calls for only whites. And it turns out a nice creamy white every time. :)

Melody said...

He should have written Trin a ticket for not obeying!

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