Jan 31, 2011

Ups and Downs and All Around

The last couple of days have been full of ups and downs....here's my weak and somewhat uncreative way of blogging them:

Up - Zac and I had the BEST date ever. It wasn't super creative...just dinner, ice cream and a movie but it was so very relaxing and it's been a long time since we've spent that amount of time (5 hours?) alone. It was extremely refreshing....the Mexican food was GREAT...the ice cream was even better....and we got to see a movie at the $3 theater that was suspenseful AND clean.
Down : the same day as our date I noticed 3 tiny bites on Trin and after inspecting her bed found THESE black spots ,which then led us to take a flashlight and look in all the little cracks where we found a huge colony of bedbugs. My eyes teared up a bit folks.....we haven't had ANY signs of these bugs ALL winter and now to find them all over her bed that Zac built....well...they messed with the wrong guy at the wrong time. Within 30 minutes of finding the little critters, Zac was in the yard and the bed was a heap of flames and ash. Yep...he set that puppy on fire...said he was going to *get rid of the source.* So....now we are still airing out her room from the chemicals we had to spray and are now in need of a twin size bed frame and mattress. Blah.

Up : Zac's cake turned out extremely moist and everyone loved it...Brady insisted on putting all of the candles that we own on it which resulted in all the smoke you are witnessing. Always fun having a party - Zac got some sweet clothes out of the deal and a little pocket change. :)

Up: Tristan is just so darn cute.

Up: We had a weekend of glorious sunshine and weather in the 60's meaning we got to go OUT. I can't tell you what a little vitamin D does for the mood after being deprived of it for 4 months....oh so good. I even got a frappuccino out of it.

Down : Brady has had 3 very hard days. He has been over the top moody, has argued with EVERY request or command we have given him...something has stirred up some of his *ticks* and he has been more tired than usual but won't sleep during the day. This has resulted in a little bit of an edgy household. I usually do fine with a couple days of his craziness but when I'm not seeing any improvement after awhile it gets rather disheartening.
Up: He has still had moments of being super lovable and really enjoyed doing his school work yesterday and today. I was inspired by Ashley to make a lesson plan for him....he did a math page out of Kumon today, wrote spelling words and he read to me 5 pages of the book Frog and Toad. Fun stuff.

Up: Trinity has been super hilarious today and I was mentioning to Zac how much her vocabulary is growing. Instead of using the word "pretty" she will say "lovely" and yesterday she was pretending to sip a pretend drink and she looked at me and said "Ahhhh...this is the superb life."
Down : Now I know this can't really be considered a *down* but she talks constantly...normally fine except that I have had the most intense headache now for 4 days.....I have had moments where the world was blurry and the headaches start in my temples, go down the back of my head into my neck...my nose is making popping noises and they have been so painful I've cried. Sinus infection? The constant chatter is a little much.

Up: Zac's sister Kate sent us a super fun package complete with some thrifted treasures, this lovely embroidered hoop for me (made by her own hands) and some T shirts for Zac's birthday. I love nothing more than a good package.

Up: One of the thrifted treasures was this cute hat for Trin...it makes everyone smile and she hasn't taken it off for two days.

Up : I FINALLY got a hold of the doctor this morning and they called in an antibiotic for me and some strong meds for my headaches. I'm so relieved at the possibility of feeling better soon - it's been 16 days now of straight sickness and I'm starting to feel very overwhelmed and like a horrible mother. Brady asked me to read to him yesterday and I had to say "no" - my head has so much pressure I can barely keep my eyes open...Zac had to take ANOTHER sick day off to stay with me because I simply can't function. Talk about making me feel like a heap of junk even though he assured me it wasn't my fault...I just have felt like a wimp and he had to use time he really needs to be saving for when Finn comes. So...let's hope the meds kick in and I perk up...I'm ready to start feeling somewhat normal.


kate fried said...

that is indeed a rollercoaster ride you guys have been on! i'm SO sad to hear about the re-infestation of bedbugs! how incredibly frustrating! and sad to lose trinity's bed zac made.

but the rest of the post delighted me to no end to see all the treasures i found put into action. trinity looks adorable in her hat, of course.

wish we were there.

Jeanie said...

Hang in there dear Springy girl! You are thoroughly loved! I gotta tell you, sometimes when I have to go shopping alone, I remember a beautiful 12 year old young lady keeping me company with her delightful chatter as we meandered the aisles looking for the favorite foods. Awesome times! I love you dear! Give that sweet Zac of yours a hug from me! He's got himself quite a lady!

house of lovelock said...

Oh no! They are having bed bug problems everywhere! We haven't had them yet, but I heard that you have to drill holes in the walls and spray inside them to make sure to get them all. What a bummer!!

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