Feb 2, 2011

Doctor Update....In Case You are Curious

Excuse the crazy hair in the above picture - that's what happens when your smashed up against a 3 year old. Doctor update is:
He ordered me to take Mucinex, Sudafed, Claritin, and antibiotic and I still have the headache pain meds. Yikes - this a stretch for a natural/herb lover like myself. But really? I just can't do the work right now to research what to take and what to do....I just need some help so i can be mommy again. Tomorrow my friend Lori is getting here before 8 am to help with the kids since Zac is going to work and my most intense headaches have been starting around then. My doctor seems to think I have a really bad sinus infection so lets hope these meds can get the stuff running and that I won't have any bad side effects to all of the drugs. He said that the Sudafed could cause me to be *jumpy* - wonderful. And then the headache medicine ALREADY makes me super sleepy so it will be interesting to be jumpy/sleepy. This is a time where I will just need to trust in medicine (not something I do very well) and pray to God that Finn will be fine....the doctor says it's all safe for the baby - I just don't see how that much stuff can't effect a little two lb baby.
IF the headache doesn't go away (which I'm sure it will) I'll have to have a scan of my brain done. :) Oh...better get off of here because I forgot to tell Zac to pick me up some cranbery juice at the store...a MUST for me on antibiotics! Thanks for praying guys!

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The Toplovs said...

Well, it's easy for those of us who are NOT in your situation to have all sorts of different ideas/advice of what one should/should not do. I remember having two horrible sinus infections with both pregnancies (which both lasted well over a month), so I know the head pressure and even pressure all over the face. You do what you need to in order to be the mommy your kids need and if that means meds, then so be it..... (opps, I guess I just gave my advice as well). :)

Praying for your family and you.

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