Mar 13, 2011

Spring and "About Ready to Go."

It was a glorious 71 degrees today...our first WONDERFULLY WARM afternoon...sundress worthy. I did break out one of my old dresses...Trin thought it was new due to the fact that she has only seen me totally covered from head to toe for the last 5 months. A few days ago I was wearing a pair of workout capris and she actually asked me why I was showing my legs. Hmmmm.
The top picture is of the kid's new little play house in all of it horrific ugly plastic pinkness...but perfectly fun and totally FREE. What an awesome gift someone gave us...they were going to give it to a thrift store but heard from an aquaitance about our family and our little stairstep children...their generosity resulted in lots of smiles all around.
Yessiree...spring is upon us and I couldn't be more happy. The bushes along our driveway are in full yellow bloom and *oh so lovely* - they provide excellent entertainment for Trin and her little flower loving heart.

And speaking of spring...I'm growing anxious each passing day (and 100% excited) that we will soon be welcoming another little Corley into our family. Now...I'm not trying to be cruel or pregnant crazy, but I really am hoping with every part of my being that this will be the last child born from my womb. Notice I didn't say "last child in our family"...but definitely LAST child carried for 9 months in my body. Yes - I'm over it. I'm recording these feelings here so that in case I get the "I want another baby" emotions in about 5 years i can look back and see that I indeed do not want to actually birth another baby. I think I will always want another baby...everytime I hold a little newborn or drink in their wonderful *baby powder fresh* scent...see a pregnant belly and someone with the "glow." I'm here to tell you that there are wonderful things about carrying a life...and I've enjoyed them...but the urinating every 10 minutes, feeling like someone is going to just tear through my skin it's stretched so tight...or fall out of my *yahoo* is just getting old. Yes...dear Finn...anytime after about 37 weeks you can and SHOULD feel free to make your grand entrance into this world - I'm ready for you.
As you can see in the top picture...I'm looking pretty normal from the neck up. Possibly even glowing?

From the neck the old *greeter* gentleman at Costco said this morning "wow girl, you look like you're about ready to go!!!" For all of you who don't speak "southern"...that's another way of saying "you look full term" or "you're about ready to pop." I'm feeling rather large to say the least. I'm at that glorious stage in pregnancy where all anyone can comment on is how big I am and how I look like the baby should be coming any day now - little do they know I still have 7 weeks. Oh...belly shot picture is courtesy of Miss Trin.

And speaking of Miss Trin...have I ever told you that she is a squirrel and absolutely hilarious. Okay, okay...I know I've briefly explained her cuteness once or twice but really...she is so funny....and gorgeous. Zac and I have been discussing cutting her hair since it is getting pretty hard to keep up with. She tends to NOT keep it in a pony tail and it is always in her food or matted down with leaves and grime from playing outside. She told me today that she wanted me to cut it...gulp. Tonight I combed it out and asked her again if she would like me to go ahead and trim her hair up a to her shoulders...and she looked in the mirror and said "No, not anymore. I just want my long hair." Well, smiles all around because even though it would be easier at this point on me to have her hair short...I'm afraid I'm pretty partial to the long curls.


Lesley said...

I think you are looking beautiful as usual. I know its hard not feeling large but I think you look just right and think trin is both an excellent picture taker (with a lovely subject) and totally cute (just like her mommy). Love you

Anonymous said...

You look utterly gorgeous!!! I know its easier said than done but enjoy the last moments of being pregnant!

hannah singer said...

people are funny-hope all is well and you can deliver soon-since you're ready to go and all:)

love your little girls hair!

Jeanie said...

Hey Springy! Let me just repeat the statement - - you are BEAUTIFUL!!! You may look "ready to pop" but the truth is that a mommy carrying her unborn child is the most beautiful picture imaginable. Oh and you doooo glow!!
Love you dear one!!!

House of Lovelock said...

Yes, you are posting again! And it will take me a million years to get anything out in the mail, but can you send me your address again? I have a tiny little somethin' for you!

The Toplovs said...

I think the pink playhouse is perfectly awesome!!! Just today the kids saw a bed that looked like a playhouse and they were both in awe of it. Think of the years of fun that pink plastic will bring. :)

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