May 29, 2011

Tis the Season

It's that time of year toenail polish weather, endless trips to the refrigerator for something *cool* to drink, higher water bills due to hours of fun in the sun with kiddie pools.....ahhhhh, summer is upon us. Oh, for those of you judging my toe nail painting capabilities....this was just the first coat OVER old polish (oh you've never done that before...a girl doesn't always have time to remove the old stuff.)

Zac discovered that slip and slides cost only a mere five bucks at the local Dollar General...who needs a water park?! Our yard is starting to resemble a redneck water fun zone though...seriously. We have two kiddie pools, a slip and slide, sprinkler, and a big plastic play house. Not the most attractive yard decor - but super fun and cheap entertainment is hard to beat.

Zac has to demonstrate to Brady just *how it's done* at least 20 times a day before Brady really "gets it." When he does do it correctly and makes it all the way down to the end of the slip and is felt by all. :)

The other nice thing about hours in the sun is the kids are totally exhausted when they come inside and they take super great naps. It's just so fulfilling being in the sun and soaking up all that good vitamin D, drinking lots of water...craving fresh fruit. Ahhhh....I love being warm.

Today is special for our family on two counts. Finn turned a month old and is doing wonderfully. His belly button is all healed up, he's gaining weight (I have no idea how much since we kind of ...errrr....skip doctor's appointments)and he's letting me get a little more rest these days. The second part of our life that is fun/different is that zac is coaching his very last soccer game this afternoon and won't be getting another team for quite awhile. He is at least taking the summer and fall off to just have a change of pace and to be around here ALL THE TIME on his off days. Listen folks....four kids is a lot of work at present and I'm SOO happy to know I'll have him around even more for help, emotional support....and just to enjoy our family. Also, it wouldn't be fair to his team if he was set up to be there coach for the fall with us potentially moving. This will mean a little less income for our family but it'll work out. I'm just happy about a change.

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Me: said...

I would love to have a waterpark for our kids, even if we did look like a bunch of rednecks. I can only imagine how much fun the kids have and what great memories are being made!!

So glad that you'll have an extra set of helping hands around more often. Golly! If I appreciate it just having two kids, then you must doubly appreciate it having four! :)

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