Jun 12, 2011

Sunday Rest...errr....Play

Today, perhaps just for today, I haven't been the kid's mom. No....I've been their Pastor, dance partner, florist, dress advisor, waitress, grandmother, and caterer. I've been called "Alyssa" several times by Trin...using her best "play voice" (sounds a little bit like Miss Piggy.) Today has been full of play and full of fun...I've taken the day off. The house is fairly clean...at least to my standards, so I'm taking this Sunday as an actual day of rest.
We started the morning with a wedding for Brady and Trin...a lovely affair with dress up clothes (trinity's wedding dress kind of resembled Laura's attire on Little House.) Oh yah...before the ceremony they had to drop their daughter off at school. ??? Anyways, after "we all came together in the sight of God to join this man with this woman" they kissed and then we had a dance fest to some jazz....followed by an horderves tray of apple slices, blocks of cheese, black olives, and honey wheat braided pretzel sticks - fancy I know. I think what the kids found most impressive is that they got to just "help themselves" to the food - not a normal part of their everyday lives, to be sure.
After the party we had games and more games...then they had to pick Jenna up from school (their two year old daughter) and put her down for nap...which she didn't comply with so she had to have a TWENTY minute time out.

An hour later it was tea time - I've forgotten how much fun it is to make a pot of tea, light a candle and just sit with my littles and listen to them talk. Brady was very impressed with my tea service and pumpkin loaf (lots of eating going on today) and told me that English Breakfast is his new favorite tea because it's "black" and black is one of his favorite colors.

Once again...*helping themselves* to the food was a big hit.

Thank the Lord that little Finn is such a good sport to just hang on the bed and have tummy time. He is such a good baby, I feel truly blessed that all of my littles have been pretty easy to take care of and have had good health. Finn is just the sweetest baby it makes me a bit sad to know that I will probably never have another newborn again - I miss him all the time. Even though I'm with him all the time...there just isn't that cuddle time like there was with Brady. I try my best to hold him a lot at night once the other kids go to bed...even then it seems like I always need to shower during that time or exercise...I would like to read...spend time with my hubby. I guess one good thing about nursing is that I get to hold him at least every two hours for awhile.

And the last bit of newness was encouraged by THIS picture. Tristan's hair had to go - it was time. I'm sad because I'm a lover of long hair...and ecspecially his redish blonde locks. But, it was always so dirty and matted down by food after every meal.

Guess who cut it? Like father like son.


Toplovs said...

Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe Tristan's haircut. He looks so much more like a toddler. Zhenya did(does) the same exact thing with Ezra's hair (the buzz), only he would NEVER wait for Ezra's to get anywhere that would be considered long. As soon as it barely touches the ears he's got the homegrooming kit out. :)

What a delightful way for the kids to spend their Sunday morning...I think I'd like the part about eating the most. :)

Nonii said...

wow, your super mom!! I hope I can be that amazing an fun of a mom someday!! lol, Tristan is SOOO cute! =)

Anonymous said...

So glad you got to rest yesterday. We love our church because it's at 4pm, which is making this the first time I've ever actually done what God commanded for the 7th day... to REST.

Love the way you love on your kids. You're an amazing mom and and inspiration.

Love you a ton, friend.

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