Sep 25, 2011

~Things (and people) I Love~

~ a bright eyed baby boy loving his first taste of oatmeal cereal (PLEASE sleep longer Finn, please?)

~ opening my bathroom vanity to find three toothbrushes smiling at me - having kids in the house can be just plain fun yall.

~ birthday roses from my boyfriend...and him remembering that I like the softer colored flowers.

~ owls .... they're just so stinkin' cute.

~ a closet that is getting ready for fall and winter...and the fact that one closet can hold four people's clothes (I still need to pack up Trin's 3 summer dresses that are in there.)

~ my new pajama pants from American Eagle (another gift from my hubby on my birthday.) I LOVE the bicycle print.

~ modern technology that is educational and can give this little mama a chance to wash that sink full of dishes and the 20 loads of dirty laundry that are always present.

~ this adorable book. If you love Mexico, beautiful illustrations, and teaching your children about giving to others....this is a Christmas must have.

....I mean, just look at that bag of pastries! Every time I read this I smell coffee for some reason...

, even if it's from a dog (remind me to sterilize my face later.)

....being a foster home to a puppy, even though I'm not a "pet" person. I consciously made the decision a few weeks ago to be a more loving love others despite their history, their try my best to love the way Christ would love. I feel like everyday I'm challenged in a different way to reach it be to sick neighbors, a homeless person, or a little animal - I still have so much to learn. Anyone want a puppy?!

~ the fact that even though this key lime was delicious and the pie plate is almost empty - I only ate TWO slices of it (there's still two left and zac isn't home tonight wink wink.)

~ for a little boy that sings "Jesus Love the Little Ones" ....and points at me. :)


Madeline said...

Yay for a loved life! So wish I could share some of that pie with you. It looks yummy!

Toplovs said...

Never been a fan of key-lime pie, so I will allow you to enjoy every bite of it! :)

Those toothbrushes for the kids are so darn cute! I'm not really into the Dora or Superman ones....

Doesn't it feel great to have packed up summer wear and realized you gained a few unremembered items from unpacking the winter ones.

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