Oct 20, 2011


So this set up isn't working...no way no how. We've been trying to make the best of the situation....6 people in a 2 bedroom house - I mean...others have it much worse. Zac and I have been sharing a room with Finn...who has decided to wake me up at least 3 times a night for the last 6 months. I'm pretty much exhausted.
Trini is in the room across from ours...seperated by a bathroom with sliding doors. Not much privacy to say the least....not even a door knob to *listen for* after she's suppose to be asleep and isn't.
Brady has been on the couch in the living room, and Tristan has been in the back (no central heat or air) room on a mat.

Slightly cramped and we finally had to have a change. I guess the reason why we hadn't really improved our situation is because, honestly...we thought we were moving. Then we thought we would just move without a job...then we decided that in this economy a job (if you have) is a good thing not to be taken for granted...so we nixed the whole "moving without job security" idea. The other day, my dear husband was totally overloaded with stress and let me know that he HAS to have our own space where at night we don't have to be moving kids back and forth. We would put Brady to sleep on our bed, and then transfer him to the couch every night. We would have the pack and play in our room, but then wheel it (sometimes) into the dining room. In the mornings when Zac would get up to go to work, he would have to tiptoe around our house....he couldn't really read his Bible, enjoy his morning coffee...just have alone time.

So, I prayed...and I pondered - and the solution came. Family trip to Ikea...live as the Europeans do. Most people in other countries live in teeny little apartments...heck...New York City for cryin' outloud. Plus...we could go and get a few things without spending a great fortune. The picture serves as an example...that serving bowl cost 3 bucks and the pack of 6 glasses was 1.99 - I love this place. My idea was to make the living room Zac and I's bedroom...our bedroom the office and a room for Brady. He has not had his own "place" for years....never a *big kid* bed. So, we took both of our vehicles and shopped till we dropped.....and here are the after pictures.

Brady's side of the room...we got him a simple wood frame bed and sheer black curtains that he loves. A shelf for storing his stuff (as you can see he doesn't have much) and then I got him his own wall hanging "spot light" and a cool piece of art (which he picked out himself.) He loves his room. :)

The other side is our office...still a work in progress but I love how it's coming together.

Plus...awesome boxes for make believe. :)

And this is the sofa couch we purchased....sniff sniff. I love it but we both are a little sad to be selling our leather couch we just got - but really...this is the one that we need for now. Leather sofas will come again....

Little bug loves it...super cozy in the evenings.

This is what it looks like unfolded....and you can take the cushions off the back and it's a queen size.

We got Tristan a bed too so that he will be off the floor for the winter and hopefully that will make it a little warmer - he loves his new rug and little container for storing toys. :)

And here's Brady boy enjoying his new bed. Since having our new "bedroom" for the last two days I have gotten MUCH more sleep. We put the baby in the laundry room for now and last night I only got up ONCE! I feel like a new woman....plus we have a fireplace and flat screen TV in our Master Suite so it's all a girl could ever want...ya know?


Laura said...

THAT is some good improvising - I think you have a GREAT attitude about all this and I love hearing about people who just decide to make the best of what they have instead of always wanted "bigger" and "better" - this was really good for me to read today - thanks!

Anne said...

Alyssa, you are sooo innovative and great at improvising and making the house look cute as well as functional. It is honestly very inspiring. Good attitude and the results look cozy! :)

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