Jan 28, 2012

Tea Drops...Two Per Eye

Monday afternoon Brady came home from school with his eye all red and bruised. When I asked him what happened he said that he poked his eye. That was easy to believe...so I went with it. The next morning his eye was still like that, but I didn't give it much thought. Brady often gets hurt and doesn't know how to communicate with me what happened....I just figured that he couldn't remember. He went to school....oops.
The next morning Trin woke up with her right eye a little pink and it had some goop in the corner. Oh dear me, could they possibly have....pink eye? I've never had it, so wasn't quite sure if it was that or allergies. After much internet research I realized that it probably was conjunctivitis - now I just had to figure out if it was viral or bacterial. Supposedly bacterial conjunctivitis can only be healed with antibiotics....meaning a trip to the pediatrician office.
Everything I read said that it was extremely contagious and it was very important to see your doctor. Now...since I don't actually have a doctor - I began experimenting. (I would like to add here that I'm not saying that you SHOULDN'T go to the doctor...or that doctor's don't know what they're talking about...or that I don't TRUST doctor's...I just didn't want to go.)
First I began washing the kids eyes with warm water (oh, the baby had gotten it now too) and then would use cotton balls soaked in warm sea salt water. I did this for a day and it seemed to be helping Brady's....but he was further along with his infection. I did a little more reading and started really doubting myself. Everything was saying that I needed antibiotic drops...which bothered me a lot. I try my very best to stay away from antibiotics...I believe that they change our body's immune chemistry. At the same time...I always have this sense of fear in me when I try to "self heal" - especially with my kids. I think it's because it's not the norm, and I'm scared that others will think that I'm taking risks..and what if I am? Maybe I'm lazy....just thinking of taking all four kids to a doctor's office makes me want to pull my hair out...and I'm not ready to have bald patches just yet.
Thursday night, after the kids were in bed...I finally came across a thread on the internet that showed a more holistic and natural approach. Many people were writing about how using castor oil...tea bags...colloidal silver and even aloe vera all helped them and completely cleared their eyes.
Needless to say, I jumped off of the couch and headed straight towards my fireplace mantel (I keep a potted aloe vera there)...I broke off a piece of aloe and headed into my kid's rooms. I dabbed aloe into each of their eyes while they were sleeping and headed back to the living room and asked God to please take this away. I asked Him if I was being prideful....was I avoiding the doctor's office because it wasn't something that "Alyssa does" or was it because I honestly don't think that there is a need? And, is it okay not to do something just because "Alyssa doesn't?" Zac says I think to much...he be right.
I made the decision that I would try things at home for the weekend and then if it wasn't cleared up by Monday...I would take the kids in. Everything I read said that regardless of what you do...it usually takes about 5 days to heal.
Friday morning, Brady's eyes were much better. Trin's were better.....but I wanted to do more. Tristan woke up with the goop..and the babies were semi clear. Friday afternoon I read that brewing strong black tea, and applying 2 drops per eye every 3 hours was extremely successful.
Well...I did it. I applied the drops to the kids every three hours or so, kept their eyes clean and had them wash their hands regularly. After one day of this Brady's eyes are now completely clear. Trin's eyes are no longer pink at all and don't itch...Tristan's eyes don't look pink and he just has a tiny bit of discharge...and the babies eyes are almost clear.
I love how God has made our earth perfectly...how He created plants to be used in so many ways. Take tea for instance....green tea for healing...strong black tea to wake you up....calming chamomile and peppermint to aid digestion. And now....tea for pink eye! Anyways, by Monday hopefully all the kids will be better...and you can bet your buns I've already started putting tea drops in my eyes....just to be safe.

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Leat said...

Chammomile tea bags on the eyes is what I have used before. So happy you found natural remedies and they are working!!

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