Feb 2, 2012


The first day of February brought a storm...a very long drawn out rain that lasted and lasted and I thought our front yard would become a swimming pool. Then today, out pops the sun and it's a high of 65...glorious.
I December I started thinking about the year 2012, and how I slowly wanted to implement one or two changes to my lifestyle every month. January I began my journey of giving up meat...trying new things from the produce department, and juicing on a regular basis. I also had my two day juice detox that made me feel great. One nice little side effect is that I lost 5 pounds (that wasn't a goal mind you) but many of my stretch marks went away and my skin has seemed to tighten even without constant exercise.
I also started taking vitamins and made the choice to start cutting out some of the "noise" in my life. I'm not consuming alcohol on a weekly basis and I'm drinking less coffee. All of these changes have really helped my outlook on life...I actually feel healthy.
Now for February. My basic goals for this month is to start jogging and to add wheat grass to my diet. I tend to not eat very much green so this is a great way and an easy to way to get that extra bit of nutrients that my body is lacking. I splurged on these running shoes in December...kept them in my closet in their box so I could bring them out in February. Today I went for a two mile run and it felt great although my lungs were burning! And there ya go...I won't bore you good people any longer with my road to health...
As for our household, we have definitely gotten into more of a rhythm with Brady now being in school on a regular basis. December he only had 2 weeks, so January was his first full month. He is enjoying it immensely - he makes sure to tell me all of the kid's birthdays in his class and what number they are in line..I basically never find out what activities he did or what he's learning..just statistics. I have a meeting tomorrow with his teachers because I'm pretty discouraged with his progress socially. He get's notes home on a regular basis and I don't blame the teacher. She doesn't know anything about Aspergers except for what she has read...Brady is the first child on the spectrum that she has ever taught. The school has no real program for kid's like Brady except to meet with a special ed teacher for 30 minutes a day. I think this is okay for kindergarten but I really am praying for MORE for his first grade. If you think of it...please pray with us about that.
Two great things that have happened in just the past week is that I scored a major deal on some kids clothes at Gap. I got 17 articles of clothing for 70 dollars...so exciting.

Be still me beating heart...could that possibly be skulls and crossbones in a little boy's hoodie?...I think I drooled when I found this in a 3T for Tristan's winter wardrobe for this year (like in 9 months.) And for 5 bucks...simply can't be beat.
I splurged on this ruffled goodness for our squirrel...a whopping 7 dollars (just had to throw that in there to be impressive.) She has wanted a tutu forever and I have put away my sewing machine for now...this is skirt that has that tutu feel but will look so cute with leggings and a little T.
And last but not least..Trinity has inherited my shoes from my wedding. She loves dressing up so much and these puppies have been in my cedar chest for years....serving no purpose. She loves their sparkly goodness.
And last but not least...I got my wedding ring re sized and we had it picked up today! I'm married once again. It was a size 7....and we had to have it taken down to a 5.25 - they really wanted me to get it in a 5 but I was concerned about the summer coming and my hands swelling. It's so nice to have my sparkle back on my hand after a year and a half without.
So there ya have it.....what plans do you have for February?

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