Mar 20, 2012

Spring Update

I felt like it was time for a little family update...I'm beginning to be "questioned" by friends and family ha ha. Sometimes I forget to keep others "in the loop." I think part of this is because I'm tired of saying that something might happen, become excited ... and then it turns out to be nothing. I'd rather just wait to say "guess what? We won a million dollars!" or "Zac got the dream job" or "Brady has been cured of autism."
So, what's REALLY happening? Nothing much. Zac still has not heard back from Denver and probably won't until May. We are in the process of foreclosing on our house and have applied for the Deed in Leiu (sp?) ...they are processing all of that info. If we are accepted, we won't be moving until sometime after May. We would like to move as soon as possible, but at the same time it would be best for Brady for us to just stay put where we are so he can finish out his school year and not have to change neighborhoods or bus routes. I do know this though...sleeper sofas are NOT meant to be slept on every night for six months. My back is killing me.
Brady's teacher spoke with me last night at a school function and said that he is doing REALLY well. He doesn't get notes home anymore and has basically learned what it is that he needs to do at school. He also is no longer part of the class' reading time basically...cause he doesn't need to learn to read. :) He's obsessed right now with writing books and informational "pamphlets" and stuff of that nature. At home he has been struggling a lot. After reviewing everything that I can review..I think it just comes down to *home is where you let it all hang out.* He still has major anxiety in social situations and his biggest challenge right now is in the area of "losing." He hates to lose.
Zac did get a job with the City of Ringgold (about 15 minutes from our house) but that is only part time work when they need extra workers. So, this could mean 4 extra shifts a month for him or no shifts. It's a blessing if he gets extra work there but "no"'s not going to really add a lot to help out our living conditions.
So, we are still waiting for answers ... we look forward to having a huge yard sale in April sometime, watching Brady complete his kindergarten year ... and that's all we know!
Finn is almost walking and I've taken him completely off of formula. I'm just giving him lots of good protein trying to make sure he gets sufficient iron from his foods, I also add flax oil to his baby cereal. Tristan is loving the warm weather and being able to be outside and barefoot. Trinity is doing okay...but struggling a little. She is beginning to not take to kindly to being bullied on a daily basis by her old brother. He isn't this way on purpose...but her just being a "little kid" gets under Brady's skin so much. I have always boasted on what a cheerful attitude she has towards him...even when she says "Brady, did you have a good day at school?" and he says "just leave me alone. Go away." She'll just shrug her shoulders and say "guess he's not in a very good mood today."
The other day while Brady was gone, we were eating breakfast as a family...talking about nothing in particular. All of the sudden she says "I hate someone." She said it quietly. I just looked at her, very surprised and asked her who she hates. She said "I hate Brady. He's always mean to me." We had a long talk and tried to explain to her that he does love her, he just has a really hard time with children. We tried to give her examples of all of the fun things they have done together and the times that Brady is nice to her. The reality is...he's kind to her about 2 out of 10 times. For a little four year ole...that's not very much. I'm glad she felt open enough to talk to us about that. I don't blame her for her feelings....I can understand and I especially don't expect my four year old to understand. All she sees is that she loves him all of the time...and he doesn't ACT like he does. You could be praying about their relationship if you think about it.
Anyways...guess that's about it. I'm looking forward to my friend's wedding in happy for Havala. I'm NOT looking forward to summer though. There's just to many "maybes" and quite honestly...I wish there was summer school for Brayden. It would be better for him AND us.

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