Sep 21, 2012

A Lovely Day

  It's a been a day of climbing...up poles and stairs and over couches (not loved by me) and over little emotional mountains and happy mountains and just lots of climbing.
  It's been a day of blue eyes and big bottom lips and wispy blond hair...little words like "mama" and chocolate chip cookies and apple sauce and blueberry smoothies with vanilla soy and flax oil - yum. It's been a day of great food.
  It's been a day for pirates, half day of school, and afternoon quesadillas (on corn tortillas...Brady's preference.) It's been a day of early meetings and good teachers, kind smiles and willingness to work with my little lovie.
  It's been a day of getting rid of things(what day isn't around here?) and making things. It's been a day for chai tea and an afternoon show while kids were semi resting. It's been a day for blue jeans and a t shirt...and accessories. It's been a day for taking pictures of simple things and beautiful faces. It's been a day of singing lots and lots of songs and playing hide and seek with the 3 littlest littles.
 It's been a day for sight words and penmanship, it's been a day for studying on the bed while listening to birds chirping outside the window (Trin has the BEST window that looks out at limbs full of birds every day - I'm a teeny bit envious of her window.)
 It's been a lovely day.


Anne said...

Glad you are having some lovely days, Alyssa. Miss you on FB but I totally get what you are doing by simplifying. I enjoy your blog and hearing all the updates. I think you are such a marvelous mother. Seriously!

MOM said...

I'm not sure how I missed this one. It delights me to hear you are enjoying some refreshing days just loving those beautiful kiddos of yours.

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