Sep 22, 2012

Happy Special Day Mom and Dad

  Just wanted to one very special man....the FIRST special man of my life....
  Happy Birthday my dear sweet dad - we love you so very much. Your love for us is so very real and sweet and we feel it.You are becoming sweeter and softer the older you get (and ,no, I don't think you are a cat) but at the same time you still are strong and have grit. You are admired and I (your daughter) love you so much for you. You are stable and true and a rock- I miss you.
   And...while we're at it - Happy Anniversary Numero 33 mom and dad, your commitment to one other is inspiring. I have loved watching you both these last few years, become such wonderfully good friends, I've loved watching you comfort one another in a way no one else could - and I love that you still crave each other's company more then anything else. Hope you have a very special day.
                                           HAPPY SPECIAL DAY

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