Oct 5, 2012

30 degrees and October

  So yesterday was cozy and fallish...just long sleeve shirts and leggings and cozy sweaters. I put together a little spot in the dining room for Trinity to express what she's thankful for this season. The cost? 1 dollar. Yes siree, I'm super impressed with the Dollar Tree here - they had that lovely brown paper that comes in rolls, which i will NOW be using to gift wrap presents this year. It worked really well as a type of "bulletin board" for us - we're going to add green construction paper leafs with words written out on them of what she's thankful for - maybe Brady will join in too. I know I know, I should be a teacher....oh yah - I am. :)
  Then we monkeyed around outside for a bit while our landlord came and *blew out* the sprinklers. Brady translated this as "blow up" and was a little freaked out - he thought they were going to bomb our back yard or something. Still - sweater weather and bare feet...a great combo.
  My lovely felted acorns came yesterday as well - a lovely little surprise for me and they look so cute in our nature cubby on the bookshelf. They are definitely a little treasure.
  And then this morning...waking up to snow. Gee, they weren't kidding when they said fall around here is gone in a blink!
  Tristan was quite taken with the snow...still in barefeet.
  This evening it's mostly melted but supposedly there is going to be another dusting this evening.
 And before grandmothers have a heart attack...I did dress him warmly for the rest of the day and made a rule they had to wear shoes to go outside - they thought I was nuts.


MOM said...

How much fun have you had this past week!!?? Those are great pictures; thank you for posting them. I look forward to the leaf words...Trin has such an imagination and yet is so honest and thoughtful, too. I'll always remember her words up on the property.Out of the blue she said, "I am glad I got to see you today, it has been so long. I missed you."

MOM said...

Oh, and Tris looks so natural out in the dusting without shoes. Good luck on keeping him in them even when it is a foot deep!!

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