Oct 22, 2012

Occupied Littles

  I know what you're thinking...and you're perfectly right. I should be ashamed, but I'm not. Homemade doughnuts are definitely NOT gluten free...but a girl needed something sweet and bready and gluten filled to go with her very black coffee, and only a doughnut would do.
  And I didn't get many complaints around here - lots of smiles and milk moustaches but definitely no complaints.
 The weather is going to be super chilly in the next couple of days. Today it's sunny and 70's, but Thursday it's a high of 41. Kill me now - or at least get me a bunch of movies, wrap me in a quilt and call back when it's spring.
  Yesterday Trinity and I went for girltime with Grammy to the Denver Art Museum. It's handy having a in laws with such an incredibly coveted membership...oh yah - I don't HAVE to covet cause I get in free. :) Anyways, it was a lovely place full of masterpieces and inspiration and creativity.
  For the last 3 weeks we have spent every Saturday evening with Zac's parents and it has been really fun. After Saturday night church we've been all coming back to our place and putting kids to bed and then having a relaxed meal...nothing fancy smancy...usually a hearty soup (hmmm..Soup Saturday?) and then we will play a game, once we watched a movie together - have coffee and good conversation. It's been really nice.
  And then there's little outings like the art museum and a soon upcoming birthday for a very loved little girl that will be five...and then boo at the zoo and the following Friday a kid trip to the botanical gardens with Granddaddy. I guess the cold weather will be fine as long we can find lots to do to keep the kids occupied and loved. And eventually...I would like the movies and quilt and 3 month hibernation...sounds toasty.

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MOM said...

It is really nice hearing that you are having some nice times in Colorado, you still 'new-to-you' home. It is also really cool that you, Trinity and Melody get some time for girly outings:-) Continue to enjoy!!
Oh, I'm piecing a new quilt by hand in the evenings-almost have the top together; very scrappy one this time-no pattern!

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