Oct 28, 2012

Squirrel Turns Five

  Trinity Sky is five (we celebrated a couple of days early so that her daddy could be at the party.)
My heart is overwhelmed with love for my baby girl - I can't believe she's already five.
  I love her rosy face and her sparkly eyes - when she was a baby a woman at church came up to me and said that she looked just like a rosebud. I think she still does.
  We started off the day with Tristan making breakfast for "trippy' and then letting her open up her gift from Havala before her guests arrived.
  Havala had sent this tea set to Trin at the end of the summer but I stowed it away for her birthday...Trinity was totally enchanted and loves that we get to keep it in the hutch in the dining room (to keep it safe from all the little brothers that roam about throwing things. :)
  Then we lit the candles of her Celebration of Life Table....
 ...and waited for her guests to arrive.
 Grammy arrived first and attempted to take a family photo of us - tough cookies.

  This one is my fave. I just love the way Brady looks just like a cartoon character and Finn looks like a monkey grooming another monkey for his lunch.
  We tried.
  Then the cousins arrived and lunch was served...homemade mac and cheese, pizza bagels, chicken Cesar salad pizza, fruit kabobs and warm spinach artichoke dip - and of course a rainbow birthday cake for a little girl that fills every one's lives with light.
  After party games and coffee and cake I put on some soft music and had everyone work on a little project for Trin - notes of love and encouragement and blessings that I'll put together somehow for her wall.
 At the end of the day, when I was tucking Trin into her bed and giving her her goodnight story and kiss I felt so overwhelmed with love and NEED for her. I don't know what I would do with her....I guess stop breathing.
 Happy Birthday my girlie...your family loves you so very very much.


Kelly and Brian said...

What a beautiful little life to celebrate! Loved reading about the love you have for all those little kiddos!

MOM said...

Grampy and I enjoyed the photos and hour by hour details. She is a special girl that none of would ever want to live without; you couldn't even type those words! Keep loving Trin with adoration- we do! And we love her special mommy too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Trinity!

LOVE the family photos...they are all absolutely perfect, especially because none of them are actually "perfect" :) ~ Jessica

kate fried said...

the two pictures of trinity are very lovely indeed - she looks so grown up!
i made her a birthday present that is still un-mailed. whenever it gets there you can either call it a late birthday present or early christmas present :-)
i started on it a week in advance & thought that would be plenty of time... turns out it wasn't. oh well. better late than never, right?

emily rhudy said...

Hey the tissue Pom poms turned out great! Izzy loved the look into trins birthday

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