Nov 23, 2012

A Corley Thanksgiving

 I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. This year one of my dreams came true...having family close to spend the holidays with...AND I got to play hostess.

  We got the kids "dressed up" and took some family photos before the festivities watching in the mail for our first ever FAMILY PHOTO since Finn was...ummm...two months old? It came out okay even if it was a timer shot.
  Me and Mama C put on quite the spread if I do say so's the kids ready to dig in.
  Trinity made everyone little name tags and helped set the table...she's turning into such a big helper. Here's Granddaddy's spot with his traditional "turkey tail."
  Then a rivoting football game in the backyard (in which I was involved....)
  And a holiday wouldn't be the same without a little drama. Sadly there was a little "tooth to forhead" collision in the backyard - luckily no broken teeth and no concussions.
  Grammy teaching the kids to play games...a love for games a nice legacy for her to pass on to our littles since their mama isn't a huge game lover.
  Finn saying "cheeeeeeeeese." Can't you just hear him?!
 And to end the night we had a lovely little visit from the Parker Corley's and a huge dessert spread. I made my Granny's Windhams Chocolate Delight recipe and Mama C made the world's largest pie, raisin, pecan, chocolate, and pumpkin.
 At the end of the day we count ourselves very blessed and very full.

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