Dec 12, 2012

In Celebration of Snow

  Yesterday we woke up to a dusting of snow. It made the sky so clear and bright...I love the way the reflects off the snow and streams in our windows and makes our home so bright. I was busily making omelets when I heard Finn crying...the distressed "what's happening?!" type cry. I heard Zac laughing and found him holding Finn, the back door open and these little teeny footprints outside. Bug had figured out how to open the backdoor and went out only geared in a diaper and long sleeve shirt - he wanted to know what all that cold stuff was. I'm sure it felt rather offensive on his little bare feet.
  In celebration of the snow we cut out snowflakes and hung them. This week I'm taking a more relaxed approach to homeschooling - and it's working marvelously so far.
  What could be more relaxed then a cup of spiced tea and a gingerbread cookie and a game of "sight words" go fish? Trinity's reading is coming along splendidly but those blasted sight words that you can't sound out are giving her a run for her money. It's fun having fun while learning.
  The game was taken very seriously - she won if you're wondering.
 And then...since snuggling up on my bed and reading isn't an option for me on cold days (or any day for that matter) - I clean. I clean and clean and clean and move furniture and sort things and ... just clean. We changed the squirrel's room around and wouldn't you know it?! Right after I had put her bed under this window a real life squirrel peaked in from a neighboring tree. We were delighted.

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