Feb 10, 2006

Bacteria Breeding Ground

Before Brayden was born I would go to the mall and watch all the little kids playing in the kid section thingy. I would think about how wonderful it would be to someday bring my own child and watch him interact with all the other kids. However, now that I am much more germ conscience I realize that my poor babe will just have to watch all the other children from the sidelines at the MacDonalds and Chucky Cheese playgrounds. Have you ever heard of all the things they have found in those places?! In the south they find snakes in the toy plastic ball thing! They've even found dirty diapers and stuff. Gross. Anyways, our trip to the mall was fun today. We just walked around for some exercise and Zac kept drooling over the pretzel place (he didn't buy one.)

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