Feb 9, 2006


This is a view of our dining room from the living room. The doorway you see leads into the kitchen-you may could tell that by the refrigerator! The dining room isn't it's tidiest because Zac actually talked me into doing a puzzle with him. Good clean family fun.
Ah-the yellow kitchen. This room took Zac and I FOREVER to complete. We had to sand down all of the cabinets and then paint them white. We stripped 3 layers of old wallpaper off the walls, and we also replaced all the little fixtures with stainless steel.
Here is a picture of our living room for all of you who have never visited our home. Sorry the picture is kind of dark.


kate said...

hi alyssa!
i love that you've started a blog, so now i can keep up on you with ease.
i also LOVE your house! thanks for posting the pics... i had sort of been imagining ya'll in a space like your old apartment, but it's so nice and beautiful, and your kitchen is especially amazing! good job! all that hard work has sure paid off.

CorleyAunt said...

I LOVE your little house! I'm trying very hard not to be jealous! Hope to come visit soon...been crazy busy here. Love and kisses to those boys! And tell the big one to give you a hug and kiss back from me. Happy Valentine's Day! (By the way this is Aunt Robin)

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