Oct 17, 2006

My little baby growing up

Brayden has been a little Tazmanian Devil today. He's like this whirlwind that comes through and tears up the house...only things he's allowed to touch of course...and then he passes out with exhaustion. We really are enjoying him though. Sometimes when I'm in a selfish mood I start feeling sorry for myself...not getting to go out whenever I want, feeling like I have no hobby, having to kind of be on his schedule...blah, blah, blah.

But then I think to myself "Self, snap out of it. This is your ministry and this is what God wants you to do. Nurturing Brayden(not just making sure he gets to eat and be changed)playing with him, holding him, making sure he's a happy baby is one of the most important jobs ever. Why feel sorry for yourself?" And then I REALLY enjoy him. Baby's truly are a gift and miracle...I hope I get to experiece motherhood over and over.


kate said...

i LOVE the new camera results!
the pine needles look so artsy and cool, and brady's cute no matter what camera you use :-)
someday the guy that stole mine is going to come break back into my car and return it.

aubrey payne said...

ooo...new camera....that is always fun...i like the pine needle pic...indeed...very artsy.
brayden just keeps on gettin' bigger...i really can't believe it! he'll be talkin' your ear off soon! hehe

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