Oct 18, 2006


Heres my little baby...enjoying his green beans. Zac was feeding him last night so I got to take pictures. I just love this camera so much...I actually forgot about having it until 2 in the afternoon. Ahh...all that wasted morning time not taking pics. Oh well...I managed to get things done that I needed too.

Brayden woke up with the sniffles AGAIN - Blast!!! I still have a sore throat off and on so I'm doing a juice fast. It's been awhile since I've gotten my juicer out and I had forgotten the delicious taste of freshley juiced carrots.

Now, not to gross anyone out with the details but for breakfast I juiced 4 carrots and half an apple, lunch was 2 stalks of celery, broccoli, a 1/4 cabbage and a carrot all juiced. I know it may sound nasty...but the thought of the juice pouring into your body...taking out unwanted waste and toxins...there's really just nothing quite like it. :) I'm stoked about the sweet potatoe / pear juice I'm having this afternoon. Ohhh...and I've already drank 1/2 a gallon of water.


MOM said...

I'm gonna have to go with Brayden on this one...give me something I can sink my teeth into!

Zhenya & Danyelle said...

I am right with you b/c I love freshly juiced carrots, celery, apples, etc.... Wish I had a juicer!

aubrey payne said...

he already looks so much older from when i saw him is sept.
i find juice fast a very intriguing idea...seeing as i have the same symptoms ya'll do...and they are not going away...i'll put a juicer on my wish list...yeah!

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