Nov 29, 2006

Trip to Kittle's

Yesterday we loaded up and took a trip to Kittle's Christmas Tree Farm. We found this place on the internet and were so suprised that it is only 10 minutes from our house! Pretty funny since last year we got a tree that was 45 minutes away!

Here's Brady hugging Miss Elf...well, Mrs Elf. We found this hat at the dollar tree for Brayden but he wouldn't wear, Zac and I wound up wearing it the whole time.

The tree of choice has been cut down and ready to take home.

And here is Mr. Kittle himself giving Jimmy the Tree a little shake down. Mr. Kittle is VERY sweet and VERY cute.

I never realized how high Zac was ACTUALLY throwing Brayden until I capture the deed on camera. Kind of dangerous looking huh?

And here I am...ghostly white. You can barely see my face due to the angelic glow I aquire from time to time.


Jonathan & Anne Patton said...

Despite the angelic glow, you are looking quite lovely in the figure dep't. I hope that I will look as good as you do after having a baby!

aubrey payne said...

a lump jumped into my throat when i saw that pic of brady flying through the air...but i bet he has the time of his life...and zac will never drop, its all good!

Wing-OHHHH! said...

Whoa, I bet Brady will like Roller Coasters when he gets old, and your husband will be able to take all the credit.

Your whiteness "glow" is hilarious on camera, sort of Mother Mary like.

When are you guys going to have more kids?

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