Dec 28, 2006

Hikin' in Georgia

Zac and his dad went on a hike yesterday on some trail here in Dalton. I didn't realize that they were going to take Brady...but sure enough the three fellas got in some quality time while I got some "alone" time.

Look at my sweeties. I love this picture....and I'm so happy that when Brady got home all he had was one little cut on his forehead..pretty good for that goofball.


aubrey payne said...

what a cool idea!! glad you got some "alone" time...what did you do?

Zhenya & Danyelle said...

Brayden's smile in the last picture of the hike is so amusing. It's mixed with such sweetness and almost humor. I had a good laugh.

Jonathan & Anne Patton said...

Hey, so how about Josh and Rachel, huh?

kate said...

i love hiking pictures! they're so fun!! erica and i went for our own little hike, as i'm sure you discovered (or will soon as you make your way to my newly updated blog...)
there's just something about the woods that makes for good memories.
and pictures.
i'm in a bit of a conversation withrawal, alyssa... i think you have everyone i know beat with your lengthy and entertaining conversation skills :-)
you're pretty easy to get used to, by golly, and now i miss you!
and brayden!
and zac!
luckily i have some surrogate nephews and nieces to fill the cuddle-a-baby void.

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