Dec 26, 2006

From Christmas Day

Christmas morning we went out and took some pictures since the weather was so nice. Typically for Christmas photos you have ones of children opening presents by the tree, people drinking cocoa....not me! I forgot about taking pictures of those things. Dear dear dear....where was my brain?
I think these pictures came out kind of cute. I like the ones of us walking. It would be cool to do some sort of collage with them.

Mom and dad...Zac loved his sword. Thank you so much....thanks also for Brady's toy. He loves.

Picture that doesn't need explaining.


Zhenya & Danyelle said...

Thanks for all the pictures you posted. It's great to see how much fun you had as a family; I especially enjoyed the pictures of you, Zac and Brayden out for a walk.

aubrey payne said...

Merry Christmas, everyone! i love the pics...but regret to inform you that i too forgot to take pics of my own family in all the frenzy of christmas day...but i may have one or two of the tree. oh, did you notice the snowman ornament was a fireman?
tell kate i think her pic of brady is gorgeous!!
i'm def going to print off some of thouse beautiful pics of your fam for myself...ya'll are so pretty. I loves!

Jonathan & Anne Patton said...

Hey girl, thanks for the compliments on my blog! I love your family photos and especcially the color coordination of your outfits! =) Also, that is an awesome drawing of Brady from Kate!

Anonymous said...

well, you know my fav is the one where you're about to kiss. Ha!'ll be a couple years until Brady figures out daddy's playing with HIS toys

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