Feb 21, 2007

Sunshine Finally!

Oh my gosh, today is 71 degrees and glorious!!! My friend Emily came over and it was so strange just sitting on the porch swing, eating grapes and basking in the sun. Just two days ago I was in this big coat hating February.
Someone gave me this little green tub at Brayden's baby shower. Well, I haven't really done anything with it because he already had something to keep toy in so really it was in the way. And then today the perfect solution....I place for Isabelle to sit where she won't topple over!

Our infamous tree picture. Anytime we are going to take a picture outside, somehow we always wind up in front of the same ol' oak.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Gobble gobble!! little kids are pretty hilarious...i cant wait for me and my wife's turn :) should God bless me with a wife, and then kids. anyway, you know i'm still you're guys' number 1 fan, right? Brady hasn't met his uncle Donkey yet...or uncle Turkey, whichever one i am. tell me when you're in colorado next and i'll find a way to meet you...given that it's after spring starts.

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