Feb 20, 2007

Playing Inside

Thankfully tomorrow I will have outdoor pictures because it's suppose to be in the 60's!!!! Whoohoooo!!! The top picture is of Brayden playing his "drums." Actually- a tin can and two wire wisks.

Here's Zac in his somewhat permanent state these days....e mailing, checking the check book, and on the cell phone. His soccer teams are keeping him pretty busy...he has to talk to angry parents, e mail, set up practices....plus go coach the practices. Congrats Zac...you're super talented and needed. :)

It was super difficult to actually get Brayden to keep this bandana on his head....I made him though because it was just so durned cute.


kate said...

well it was worth the effort! he definitely looks like his daddy's son now :-)
nick has an equal fondness for bandanas.

Zhenya & Danyelle said...

It was worth making him keep the bandana on b/c he does look so darn cute!

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